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for The Guile and Devotion of a Black Heir

5/16 c31 1zamik
You know, I have to say, I have quite mixed feelings about this chapter. I guess you are trying to show how is Harry slowly changing, but this... I dont like how he treated Giovanni, ok, maybe it is not good for Pansy to marry old guy (debatable, because- her fault) but for Harry to do this to innocent man... Harry says: I will marry love of my life, but you will marry this no-longer-virgin girl who you never met, who you despise and thing about her as a dirty and not deserving respect. Pansy will have miserable marriage, her fault, but so will Giovanni with woman he will always despise because of how he was made to marry her. And that is not fair. I dont thing Harry should help her. It was her fault and if she really didnt want to marry that old man, she should just takhe her life in her own hands and leave - she is 17 so she is adult. And if her money and status are more important to her... well she can marry old guy.
Really she was always mean to Harry and Harry gained nothing, just lifelong enemy, who will gladly kill and destroys him, if he gets the chance.
5/7 c5 Closetedpotterhead
Did you know that it says cum kitchenette when Harry is describing his living quarters? I just wanted to point it out also I love this book and your gladiator book mwahhh I read it in a day! Gladiator is one of the books on my front shelf because I love it so much! Anyways I was really glad to find creature, pure blood culture and crossovers that I like in the same place!
4/30 c1 mowkyl.15
need a new chapter. absolutely the best, my favourite so far
4/28 c34 Nightstalker100
No a cliffhanger can’t wait for the next chapter. Don’t like it when Harry and Rabastan are on the outs even when its pretend. Fingers crossed it doesn’t blow up on them.
Eagerly awaiting the next part. I love all your fics you’re one of my all time favourite authors. Please update soon.
4/25 c34 Guest
I'm on my phone at the moment so you can just refer to me as Lumi :)
I was originally a bit wary of a Harry/Rabastan pairing, if only because of the whole "big bad death eater" and age gap issues. But I've binged what you have so far in a day. It took about eighteen hours of my time, but what you've written is incredible!
You've given all of your characters incredible depth and nuance, and have juggled several subplots with such delicate grace that I would say you're blessed by Arachne herself in the art of weaving, if only with words rather than silk.
I hope that all is going well with you and that we'll might possibly see a new chapter before Midsummer's Eve? Thank you for the story that you've decided to share :)
4/20 c30 57Rebe Marauder
Pobre Pansy. Daphne es una perra
4/20 c29 Rebe Marauder
Harry ha sido despiadado. Me gustó que pusiera a Yasley en su lugar
4/20 c28 Rebe Marauder
Me recuerda a cuando estudiaba segundo de bachillerato y los exámenes de selectividad después.
4/20 c27 Rebe Marauder
Me encanta cada vez que Harry le responde ácidamente a Rhadamanthus. Me divierto demasiado
4/20 c26 Rebe Marauder
Pobre Pansy. Aunque ella no debería haber tratado de quitarle a Harry su prometido. Eso no se hace, Pansy.
4/20 c25 Rebe Marauder
Adoro a Luna.
Quiero ver cómo Theo hunde la reputación de Daphne para siempre.
Ojalá Theo encuentre una prometida que lo quiera.
Me ha encantado el regalo de Rodolphus a Harry. Ha sido un regalo muy inusual.

Rhadamanthus da miedo. Espero que él se vaya a dormir para siempre pronto.
Aquí es primavera pero hay una tormenta bastante fuerte. Disfruto del sonido de los truenos.
4/20 c24 Rebe Marauder
Y todo explotó. Ha sido una digna explosión impresionante
4/20 c23 Rebe Marauder
Esto se está poniendo intenso, me encanta!
4/19 c31 26brissygirl
Star, I found a minor mistake in the section where Harry meets Giovanni. When Harry takes the contract back you have him himself. Also question about Charlie becoming Lord Prewett; why does he need to disown Bilius Weasley like Bill had to when it's a completely different family and lordship? And why would Charlie need to be disowned by his parents?
4/19 c22 57Rebe Marauder
Al menos los gemelos son sensatos y lo comprenden
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