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4/26 c1 41Concetta
That was lovely! I always thought Zoe would be emotionally stirred by music.
9/24/2014 c1 Aragonite
I can really believe this happened. I hope you keep posting!
9/24/2014 c1 62Rochelle Templer
Nice little one-shot.

As far as getting everyone's voices down, I think you have a pretty good handle on them. The interplay between Jamie and Zoe is just the right level of friendly and teasing while the Doctor has his usual warm, somewhat paternal feel which was common with Two in relation to these companions.

Plus, I think you did a good reflection on how Zoe might perceive music in her past and the growing awareness of it in her present given how she now spends time with two very musical people. I also liked how you elaborated on Jamie's abilities as a piper, something that I think is sometimes overlooked in a lot of stories.

Well, I think this stands well on its own, but I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to it. As for what instrument I think Zoe should tackle, I agree that the violin would be a good choice, but I also keep thinking of another stringed instrument: the piano. I don't know why, but that also seems to make sense to me for her.

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