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for Nidaime no Sairin

18h c24 reptoholic
AWESOMEEEEEE absolutely loving it. Looking forward to future chapters
19h c23 reptoholic
WTFFFFFFFF! Hope eh gets a bad ass sword at some point. Samehada or Kusanagi
19h c22 reptoholic
Please have him learn lightning so he can use the sword!
19h c21 reptoholic
20h c20 reptoholic
Eh, Hope he creates his own unique attacks
21h c19 reptoholic
Never really like Kurenei, but it seems like you are. going her direction.
21h c18 reptoholic
22h c17 reptoholic
hope he joins the Kage fight! I always wondered why everyone was so stupid and they never took down the building to destroy the barrier. It did keep the fight from spreading but Jaraiya could have helped
22h c16 reptoholic
Hehehehehh hope he wins it all
23h c15 reptoholic
5/16 c14 reptoholic
Loving the story. Hope he gets a different contract than toads
5/16 c13 reptoholic
5/16 c12 reptoholic
Why does Naruto never eat out kabuto!,k
5/16 c11 reptoholic
Awesome. Hope he really lets loose later on
5/16 c10 reptoholic
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