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for Ella's Myth

8/12/2020 c1 2Rockin' D-99
Hahaha... I dunno how to feel about this, honestly. I think it's quite deep as hell, but damn, this really makes me feel so bad for poor Ella, LOL D

Scott swearing does feel rather fitting for him, though I do think his villainous side may have been a little too played up here, especially after watching All-Stars. Regardless, it's still pretty good stuff and an interesting discovery. I'm not normally used to reading these types of one-shots, but I actually didn't mind this. Again, good stuff that hits right in the feels.
8/31/2019 c1 4Critica7
I really feel the need to criticize this. While Scott isn’t a shining example of the best of humanity, he’s not heartless. While he is technically a villain, he’s probably actually the kindest of the villains of Total Drama; he never tried to inflict serious harm on any of his fellow contestants. And he never faked attraction to anyone else for his own gain either. He’s not the kind of guy to take advantage of a girl like that.
1/24/2019 c1 7Wonders and Madness
wow this was sad and amazing at the same time
10/12/2016 c1 10LittleMissyGalPal
I feel so bad for Ella. If only she had listened to those birds...

I've read this a bunch of times and it always hits me right in the feels. Your writing is amazing.
8/16/2015 c1 9ferguson97

Poor Ella... she deserves so much better.

Scott's such a jerk and Ella's so sweet. I think you wrote them both wonderfully and realistically! First Dave, and then Scott... why does this poor girl always fall for the jerks?

This made me so sad, so you did a good job. It was well-written, unique, and emotionally moving.

Adding this to my favorites!
10/7/2014 c1 16Knifez
Oof. Right in the feels.
9/30/2014 c1 2jocat646
nuuuuuu poor ella!
nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu scott u meanie :(
9/27/2014 c1 18ScribblesToTheStarsAndBack
Dark and saddening, but very well written. I was never really a fan of Ella, but I did enjoy this fic.
9/26/2014 c1 14Hugh Takinamee
My reaction: ...

This thing is some deep shit! I'm speechless at what I just read. This is great!
9/26/2014 c1 4Gideoncrawle
I rather expect that Ella will end up getting a lot of "fractured fairy tale" treatment in the fanfic community. She's simply too pure and saccharine to play straight as a major character. (As a supporting character or bit player is a different matter.)

As for Scott, I don't see either of his canonical personae (the original Season 4 or the reinvented Season 5) being so casually abusive, so something's wrong on his end, too. It sounds like his life is no bed of clover, either, so he might well be as bitterly disillusioned as Ella. Some of his remarks, as well as the initial tableau (i.e. spending who knows how long sleeping by the window) suggests that Ella's become a parasite who contributes nothing (except, apparently, sex); but if that's the case, then why would Scott object to her making their own clothes? She'd be doing something useful, and it would probably save money-a commodity that appears to be in short supply. It sounds like Ella doesn't work outside the home, possibly being too unstable to hold a job for long; or maybe the economy's simply bad enough where they live that there are no jobs to be had.

The only element missing from this dystopian scenario is a child or three. An unexpected pregnancy forcing a premature marriage (since the likes of Ella surely wouldn't even consider an abortion, and Scott might not either, depending on his upbringing) would explain a great deal.

What Ella needs is someone like Cody-or even better, Rodney. Ella/Cody or Ella/Rodney might turn out as badly as Ella/Scott, but Cody and Rodney seems like the sort who would do their level best to make Ella's fairy tale come true if they should happen to fall for her.

Indeed, you might consider turning this into a collection of one shots, pairing up Ella with a variety of TD boys and looking in on the couple years later. Who knows, someone might even be able and willing to give her the fairy tale ending. Or perhaps someone could teach her to be content with something more mundane but more realistic.

In any case, I think this is worth a Favoriting.
9/26/2014 c1 14KayDeeDee
Dang, I cried. I actually freaking cried. Ella, you deserve a prince! SCOTT GO BACK TO COURTNEY OR ZOEU IF YOU WILL PLEASE!? Great job and oh my god, poor Ella.

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