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for These Lips Are Sealed

7/28/2016 c1 Rd Awesomeness
Oh that was nice. I love this game and was always really fond of Nerrisa. It was a really short little thing but I thought it was really sweet.
4/21/2016 c1 638annie81
MMMmmmMM Bigby with a wolfish grin yummy.
11/2/2015 c1 Guest
I keep coming back to reread this story, it's that good. Please...I beg, could you write more for this? I read it last year and I agree with the other reviews. There are like, what, FIVE other stories like this? And even then, they don't go that far. If you just don't feel it, just know I, as well as others, would love to read more of this. It's a kind of old story, and you might not want to come back to it or something, but I just want to let you know how great I think this is. I always hope there will be a second chapter, or a sequel, but, yeah...

7/28/2015 c1 Guest
I LOVED THIS! Can you add more to it?! Or write more? There's barely any Bigby and Nerissa fics because everyone ships him with Snow instead. So please change that and then I've got loads of Bigby and Nerissa fics to read!
4/10/2015 c1 Jade
I loved this a lot. It was really cute. I wish there was more Bigby and Nerissa stories on here. I hope you're planning on writing more. Really loved this!
1/15/2015 c1 22pyroleigh
Love it! Made my fan girl happy. Can I beg for more?
1/13/2015 c1 Guest
I loved this! Please continue it or write more Bigby & Nerissa stories because they aren't any!
11/13/2014 c1 Guest
Loved this a lot! You should add to it or write more for Bigby and Nerissa as there are barely any fics on them and I agree they'd have made a great romantic pairing! Maybe they will be in Season 2 of the game next year as I believe there's still potential for them... But I really did love this! I really think you should add to it! (:
11/3/2014 c1 Guest
I really loved this. Could you add another chapter to it? I'd love to see if Bigby decided to pursue Nerissa further than this and go as see her. If not another chapter then a sequel of some sort. I ship Bigby/Nerissa too but not many people so it was really refreshing to find this fic and finally read something romantic on them so I'd love to see more from you on them. This was really great and I loved it. Thank you for writing, posting and sharing.
10/19/2014 c1 Guest
This story was cute! There aren't any Bigby and Nerissa fanfics so thanks for writing this one! :)
10/12/2014 c1 Anna
Can you please write more fics on Bigby & Nerissa as they aren't any! And this is SO good I really loved it! You captured them perfectly and Snow's reaction was priceless and so very Snow like for her too. Please continue this somehow or do a follow up or a whole new one entirely as I'd love to read more on Bigby & Nerissa when I can find them! :)
10/8/2014 c1 62WolfKomoki
Haha Snow's reaction was priceless.
9/27/2014 c1 Guest
Oooh I liked this a lot! You're so right as there are barely any Bigby & Nerissa fics and there should be! You should definitely write more so that there can be more! :)
9/27/2014 c1 momongaki
very good story, and want to look like white smoke check snow

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