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for An Alternate Path

2/16 c12 Guest
Love your story! Wish it had been continued.
9/16/2021 c7 4Snowleopardcheetah
Honestly, I didn't catch on about Saru until the note at the end made me look closer. Well played.
8/17/2021 c12 1lover of crimemance
This is fantastic can you please continue I want to see Zuko find out his mom is dating Katara and sokka dad
8/1/2021 c4 PikaMew1288
Empty threat on Azula's part and rather stupid considering the Dai Li are highly skilled Assassins. There is nothing stopping them from killing her in her sleep or poisoning her Food and Water to avenge their Leader.
1/3/2021 c12 PH639
please add more chapters this story is cool
8/28/2020 c2 anonymous
I would have actually liked some zutara here y'know.
But otherwise this story is perfect..
8/11/2020 c12 2Pegasus Sword Master
I really like the changes you’ve made. You’ve deviated from the original and it’s interesting to see how much things have changed simply because Zuko switches sides earlier.
5/21/2020 c5 9Prince Pondincherry
At least they still have the inner walls? And this isn't the first time the Fire Nation has breached the walls; they were driven off when Iroh did it.
4/26/2020 c12 Mockingjay-468
This is so good! I’d really enjoyed reading it, and I hope you do continue it at some point.
3/13/2020 c5 Guest
Fuck you for wasting my time
11/26/2019 c10 Guest
Is that zukos mom?
3/9/2019 c12 Guest
You have to finish this. I need more Aang centric chapters, please.
3/9/2019 c5 Guest
Please NOT Zutara. Taang, Toph and Zuko (Tuko?), Zukaang, Kataang, Sukka, Tokka, Maiko, anything is better than Zutara. Though I prefer Zukaang or Kataang.
2/11/2018 c12 27Quiet Leaf
This was quite an enjoyable read! I swear, the men of fandom sometimes write the most interesting fics. You're not afraid to make major divergences from the plot. I really liked where you went with this! I somehow doubt you're ever going to continue it (I myself have pretty much abandoned some fics), but it would be a thrill if you did!
9/30/2017 c12 Mr. Q
So I loke this story and all but where the fuck is Bumi you know King of Omasha, King Bumi, 112 year old king. Can earth bend with just his face?
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