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12/24/2015 c8 6MopsyFleabert
Aang lifting mountains? What, is he supposed to be Hanuman's reincarnation or something? (If you're not familiar, Hanuman is a Hindu god - who once lifted a mountain). It'd be interesting - especially since Guru Patik seems like he's supposed to be Indian.
12/21/2015 c11 deletedaccount4739296
This story is awesome, update soon~
11/3/2015 c11 20Mr. Average
Another good chapter. Toph's parents really need to stop seeing Toph as something she's not, and accept who she is. Only then will they be able to work out their differences. Peace
10/24/2015 c11 qwerty
how have i not seen this story until now?
i loVE IT!
10/24/2015 c11 Puzzlerthepony
You should give Toph a glass eye.
10/21/2015 c1 Arashi Uzukaze
"I think Toph is right." Aang spoke loud enough so that Katara, Sokka, and Toph could hear him, but quiet enough that they wouldn't be overheard by Zuko or Iroh.

How far away are the GAang fron Zuko? Zuko has super hearing after all (He was born with that ability and also with the ability of holding his breath for far longer then normal).
10/14/2015 c10 Mr. Average
Good battle scene. I had a very bad feeling about what Tikaani did to Toph. That is one sick, twisted SOB. Still a good update. Keep up the good work. Peace
10/10/2015 c10 Gadget boy
I'm very much upset that Katara and Toph were badly beaten in this fight. It's two against one for heaven's sake! Hope they get some revenge the next time they fight.
10/11/2015 c10 37Brytte Mystere
Holy... Toph... You... You tore away one of Toph's eyes...
I mean, I know she's blind but damn, that was HARD to read (I imagine hard to write too)...
And what was controlling that man?
9/23/2015 c9 20Mr. Average
Very good update. I look forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work. Peace
9/8/2015 c9 5Percy Ross Vulturi Uchiha
Cool ! Azula finally the psyco bitch princess is in the show :3
Well I like it the chapter but Aang is not with it you will enter him sooner ?! or not
U I will like to see this Azula VS Zuko if they fight make sure it will be amazing ! :3 :)

I hope that Sokka and the others might get safe hope that they find Katara and Zuko before that psyco take them.

Aang ! were are u ! :/ :P :D

Well hope to see the other chapter soon Is interesting don't give up on this my congratulations ! :)

XoXo ! :) ;)
9/6/2015 c9 Gadget boy
I really hated your decision in the chapter's ending. Please update sooner and I really hope that no one gets captured here. They just lost so much in this war that having more bad things happen is just plain overkill. So please allow Zuko, Katara and Toph to get away.
9/6/2015 c8 Gadget boy
What's going to happen to Aang? He still has no idea on what happened in Ba Sing Se. I really hope he doesn't end up captured. Especially since he just mastered the Avatar State. Maybe have him do the friend tracking trick he did before, when he located Appa and Momo when they all got separated in the swamp.
9/5/2015 c9 2Totally Spazz-tastic
Ah, Hakoda/Ursa...always entertaining xD And I'm curious as to what canon ships you'll keep or sink (clearly not the pirate ship hahaha).

Sokka and Zuko are going to be bros for real.
9/4/2015 c9 28Boudicca1
So I kind of totally forgot what was happening in this story, so I have absolutely no context for who Saru is, but from this chapter alone, there are pretty strong hints that she's Ursa. She's mysterious, and has two or more children, and hears rumors about them, so they must be rather famous, you know, like the heirs to the fire nation throne, and her name is an anagram for Ursa. So if she actually is Ursa and you wanted is to not know, you might want to be more subtle. That said, if she isn't Ursa, you might want to avoid so many similarities too, because then we'd think she was Ursa and would be sad if she wasn't. Unless you want us to think that and then crush our hopes like a sorry little bunny...

Sorry for that long rambling conspiracy theory. I actually have no idea why I bothered to write any of that, but I'm exhausted and not thinking clearly. I'm going to stop sounding like Venzini and go reread the story so I know what the fuck is happening.

Also, if she is Ursa, please make the reunion with Zuko happen soon.

And even if she isn't, because I want jet and jin to be like wtf that's Lee!
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