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1/8 c20 1Lord-Sylph
Correct me if I’m wrong, because it’s been a while since I reread any of your Fish-verse stories. But doesn’t Doran end up with Tracyn? And Dinua with Jintar? So why is Tracyn handing over Doran’s identity to the Vong at the end of the chapter?

Things nearly got VERYsteamy ‘tween Dinua and Doran \\\
12/15/2017 c18 Force Smuggler
Ha ha lol. That chapter was amazing.
Was expecting Doran to just go back on his own because it would be the Jedi thing to do. But the talk with his Mom and Dinua, Jintar, Tracyn, Hera and the rest coming after him was a pleasant and welcome surprise.
In hindsight, maybe it shouldn't have, but it did.
Good job.
No idea how you are going to get to the end of this arc.
Love the banter and bonding.
Boba Fett? Oh god. This will be fun.
12/10/2017 c17 Force Smuggler
Great chapter. Doran has had enough has he? Had to happen at some point.
But that probably won't last long. He is too much of a Jedi to just leave them all.
Shooting something is what the Mando's are good at.
Forgot how fanatical the Yuuzhan Vong could be.
Loving Dinua and Doran in this.
Good action scenes.
Ready for next week.
10/8/2017 c16 15Boris Yeltsin
Loved it. Medical, hope it wasn't anything serious.
10/7/2017 c16 Force Smuggler
This arc looks promising and will be a roller coaster.
The history re-enactment club. Oh my god. I'm dying.
The history of the Mandalorians is so engaging.
I've got some issues with Rebels but I love the way you are tying them all in.
It's one cohesive universe.
Ven'riduur means crush, I'm assuming? Or whatever their equivalent is?
I've missed their nicknames and banter.
Comparing and contrasting the Jedi and Mando ways of life is so fun.
Is this the arc Tracyn referred to in LOTJ that Doran went Dark or used the Dark Side?
Getting some Trial of the Darksaber vibes when Hera wielded the Darksaber. Sabine's Suite was playing in my head.
I'm so ready for the next chapters of FDL and LOTJ: SB
10/7/2017 c16 1Lord-Sylph
Long time no see! Welcome back, tbh, i’d *almost* forgotten about this series (gasp!) but then I saw the update notification, and despite it being 23:38, I squeeeeeeeeee’d so hard!
9/11/2016 c15 Lord-Sylph
*prepares barbecue grill*
Don't mind me! Just gettin the grill ready!
Gotta love fancy Force Tricks, and based on what you told me a while ago, I don't think Doran shoots Tracyn...
9/10/2016 c15 Force Smuggler
Good lord. What a great arc!

Completely unexpected about Nate. Should have expected something like that but still shocked me.
Goodbye Raxi! See you in the future!

Mando training sounds horrible. I would die early on.
More Doran and Dinua bonding is always nice. Especially with what the other members were saying,

Interesting ways to avoid the Voxyn. Different use of the Force and a collar. Hope the collar doesn't break or there is going to be hell to pay.

Missed Hera and Jintar so much.
What an action packed year for Doran and yet, a long ways to go. Still got more than 6 months to go right? 3 or 4 have passed right?
Not happy about another cliff hanger ending! Especially with your teaser for Arc 4!

I'm so stoked for November.
It's time to jump back to the future I think. We've had the Ultimate series but time to see more of the OT Cast and the next generation of Anakin Solo and company.
Any new hints?
9/4/2016 c14 Lord-Sylph
Gotta love the Force Unleashed references,
Lightning Grenade for the win! I loved that combo!
Glad Doran's back to being his squishy 'ol self! Though being a B3 series droid would definitely be useful at times
8/28/2016 c13 Lord-Sylph
A bit more of a darker/thought provoking chapter, still some action, but it's kinda eclipsed by the whole "Crazy Clones living beyond their years" topic. Which was certainly nice, it was one of those questions that the mainstream series never answered well. I really enjoyed the Republic Commando/Imperial Commando series, wish there had been more than just the one Imperial Commando book though. Can't wait to see how this ends up!

Sylph out!
8/21/2016 c12 Force Smuggler
Well this looks like a fun remaining couple of chapters for this arc.

A scavenger hunt on Kamino? I'm intrigued. Really makes things exciting.

Fascinating backstory on the history of the clones. The Kaminoans are crazy.

Mezhan Kwaad and Nen Yim! Scheming as always. We really need a series following the Vong throughout their history in the old galaxy to the end of the NJO series. Want to do that?

Vong-ified monsters? Oh, come on! Don't we have enough nightmare fuel already?!

So does Doran forget the conversation because of everything else or is this why the Jedi hid Yavin 4 under illusions?

Rathars! TFA monster...
Oh crud, the Vong messed with them. Double crud. Completely forgot about that little detail because of the TFA monster.

Angry and hungry is a bad combo indeed.

Fever wasps, Rathtars, Dianogas, Bears, Lions and Tigers. Good grief. What other horror's are you going to subject us to?

I really like Doran and Tracyn together.

Though Doran and Dinau continue to amuse.

Battle Droids guarding the clones? Irony indeed.
Doran as a Battle droid variant? Ha ha lol. Wonder what chaos this will cause.
Gotta love the different force powers on display.
8/21/2016 c12 Guest
Lions, tigers, and bears oh my!
xD the amount of Wizard of Oz references in your stories, first A Destiny Altered and "Oz the Great and Powerful" now the terrifying feral trio!

Doran's now a Super Battle Droid? Sweet! Gonna be a pain to keep his body in one piece though!
8/13/2016 c11 Lord-Sylph
Awesome (But awkward at times) chapter! Oh Doran, your Harem grows inevitably larger, I really kinda ship Doran and Tracyn, though I know he and San ah are together (at a later date) the impromptu rescue was definitely a 'Doran' thing to do, lol
Can't wait till next week! Wanna see what Vader did to Kamino!
8/13/2016 c11 Force Smuggler
Arc 3 sure began with a bang.

So that's how the nicknames came to be? Very nice.

So Doran can't even ride a ship without something going wrong. The food pellets.

And weapons. Can't go far without seeing new ones, can't we?

Tracyn sure knows Doran well. And making a bet with Dinua about it. Ha ha. And the counter-bet.

500 for a bathing suit? Jeez. You could buy a suit for that. Though you couldn't swim with it. Ha ha.

Maze talking with Doran was nice. So true. Doran and Dinua are friends but still a long way to go.
Wonder what their reactions will be?

A prison break in Hutt Space? Nice. You've set high expectations for the rest of the arc. Wonder if this will come up again later on in AFU LOTJ? Raxi? Was she mentioned elsewhere in your stories? Name sounds familiar and just making sure if she was mentioned elsewhere already?

Let's just hope that those slaves don't die during the war.

The PT Jedi, Altisian Jedi and Luke's Order sure are different from one another.

Kamino huh? Going to be interesting to see what that planet is now like. Nice, interesting history on the cloning.

Wonder what kind of trouble they will get into next? 4 more chapters to go.
8/13/2016 c11 15Boris Yeltsin
Excellent work.
I'm wondering, will you attempt to weld the legends cannon with the new cannon at points?
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