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7/7/2018 c17 mcblacanilao
Finally you finished this author-san! I loved it :)
Thanks for making me feel that the best things in life are really worth the wait.
5/5/2018 c15 2VolpineGrinz
Man - this is some twisted thinking. Yumi is angry for perceived selfishness on Sachiko’s part. But why is it so wrong to desire to be together with the one you love? This Yumi is passive-aggressive. “I won’t discuss anything because I’m a total coward but I blame you for not reading my mind and make it all your fault, which conveniently absolves me of any responsibility.” I have a family member whose brain is similarly wired. It’s like a merry (NOT!)-go-round all culminating in everyone and everything else being blamed for herself not taking responsibility for her own choices and lack of communication. This Yumi should seek professional help. Anyway, I think I’m done reading any more of this story. You have an uncanny knack for pushing my buttons :) May your fans thoroughly enjoy the rest of the story and best wishes to you for an enjoyable writing experience.
4/19/2018 c16 Edge Maverick
menudo drama nos estas haciendo pasar chica tengo el corazon encojido esperando a ver que pasa a continuacion
4/16/2018 c15 1elliehandesu
I can understand this chapter. I can feel how Yumi kinda disappointed to Sachiko; Yumi is boldly fire spirit, yet people tend to ordered her around and making her suffocate. She just want to be free and to do what she want, Yet planning in stones and act selfish kinda shocking and culture shocked yet again... damn really nice chapter you got. Yumi character here, there's much more am I right? Btw. Thanks for the update
4/14/2018 c14 e.l.84
Author-san You are spoiling us. It's getting interesting more and more with every chapter. So happy to see you are on the flow and releasing them in very short gaps. Mmmmm so good. Please continue your fantastic work.
4/12/2018 c13 e.l.84
New chapter so quick! Author-san You made my day! Thank You. And Sachiko is better and better with every chapter.
4/11/2018 c12 elliehandesu
Oh yeah new updated and a cliff hanger i can manage about this hahhaha nice. Thanks for the update too
4/10/2018 c12 e.l.84
Wow... Sachiko is so... straight forward.. I love it! She left no room for any supposition.
I wish to see that scene in MSGM anime Anyway , You doing a great job, keep it up!
2/11/2018 c10 2VolpineGrinz
Thank you again for another chapter. I wonder what’s the matter with poor Yoshino?
2/8/2018 c9 VolpineGrinz
Nice story so far. I remember reading it years ago up to the point where Youko shows up. If S&Y are already developing I wonder where that leaves Shimako? She’s too often cast as the tragic/unsung/unrequited. It would be nice to see her happy. Still there’s plenty going on in the story already. Thanks for the update.
2/5/2018 c9 sakuya112
i love u author san!finally an update!
2/4/2018 c9 1elliehandesu
Lol just done review at chapter 8 and my mail notification me that a new chapter added. Nice. Well atleast Touko is a friendzone here.. but idk it felt like you're making it fast? Or maybe it just i was shocked that it was updated again. Nice to hear you came back to your story. Thanked
2/4/2018 c8 elliehandesu
Fast update. Nice.. well its a good thing they can be friend for Youko and Sachiko with a platonic love of course, lol Yumi have a date with Touko? How what when? Omg.. love triangle here.. can't wait
2/3/2018 c7 elliehandesu
I re-read again since i think it has been long that been updated. Interesting event here... keep it up
4/8/2017 c6 darkvixy
Please don't leave us hanging!
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