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for Uzumaki Naruko: To the Victor, the Spoils V2

5/15 c14 Koshiro Unohana
The technically correct term for master armor blacksmith would be Master Armorer.
5/3 c1 Rabcor
Oh my god! I can't! The weebspeak! stop! stoop it! it's killing me from the inside!
4/3 c43 shadewolfedrt
How that more will is great.
4/2 c28 shadewolfedrt
I have got to thank you I just figured out way it is AO3 for Archive of Our Own.
4/1 c6 jputt85
Here's hoping for the latex suit.
3/31 c6 Dracoessa Draga
sasUKE is a stickflipper. (stickflippergay)
3/28 c43 Guest
Why have you not been updating the story
3/26 c41 exitus.ravenblade
Ah. Glad the whole “almost invincible poison in the womb” thing was a plot point not a contrivance to require Tsunade.
3/26 c37 exitus.ravenblade
Two questions: how are the Konoha proctors personalizing perfectly-suited tests for the foreign genin? And now that there are “no traces of poison in her system” shouldn’t her womb be ok? The kyuubi also didn’t say anything about the poison purge not affecting that.
3/25 c35 exitus.ravenblade
*parking. Can’t find how to edit on mobile.
3/25 c34 exitus.ravenblade
The whole “three checkpoints you have to visit” idea is interesting, but without any safeguards there’s nothing to keep, say, Gaara from Peking right outside one waiting for Naruko because he knows he has to show up at them. Or anyone wanting to ambush weaker teams, really. If they only needed one or two necklaces, perhaps, or something where it wasn’t guaranteed each team had to be at each location.
3/24 c24 exitus.ravenblade
If the vault door melting was releasing that much heat I don’t think the ryu notes and ledgers would survive. Maybe even the gold and silver depending on what the door was made of and how big the vault was.
3/19 c43 15Leaf Ranger
Finally. whew. Took me a while but I finally got to the latest chapter of this fanfic. Quite an amazing and very interesting one. Very interesting indeed.

There is far too much for me to talk about, all the stuff I enjoy, some of the stuff I'm iffy on, but suffice to say I am greatly enjoying this fanfic, I really like what you've done with Naruko, and I'm really glad to see some of the changes happening.

One thing I do want to mention is this: I'm hopeful you'll give tayuya a chance like Kin. Not necessarily becoming Naruko's Spoils or anything (not that I wouldn't mind that) but more in that she get's a chance to live. I really like her character, and really enjoy fanfics where she survives. Not to mention she's a cute pairing for a few different characters, male...or female. *glances at one fanfic I read that was tayuxSaku*

Anyways, really sorry I got off track there. Of course, pleae feel free to ignore all that if it doesn't fit into your plans, this is your fanfic. Please keep up the awesome work, and I look forward to the next chapter when you can get to it. Till then!

Also, congrats on the TVTropes. One of my fanfics got on there too. Not sure if it's good or bad, but I do think it's cool.
3/1 c43 65WolfDragonGod
Omg I just reread up to where I last read this story and then finally read the new chapters and I can’t wait to read more I also can’t wait for naruko to get her girls I hope she gets tented and Sakura and I also have a real. Big love for naruko and Temari cause there isn’t many gem naruko stories with them together so sometimes I read Naruto/Temari stories and switch out baritone for naruko and he/him for she/her

But anyway yeah loving the progress and can’t wait to read more
2/25 c20 ChildofDragons
Going to be honest... stuttering Hinata is getting old. She didn't really stutter a lot in the actual series unless it was to or about Naruto and that was with limited interactions between the two. This Hinata has been friends with Naruko for years... the fact that she's still a stuttering mess makes no sense to me.
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