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for Uzumaki Naruko: To the Victor, the Spoils V2

1/18 c1 harmscody074
make naruto when he male
12/31/2020 c43 Abbadon44
I have read a lot of your other stories, but I can't believe I just found this one. This is amazing! Happy New Year!
12/28/2020 c43 Batcard
Always great to get chapters for this story. I love this series and the unique story you write. The politics and other things you added to the world makes it feel more alive to me.
12/24/2020 c28 Pretty damn mad
The the damn prude that prevents the lemons: YOU CAME TO READ AN M RATED ROMANCE/SOMETHING STORY! OT IS APPROPRIATELY RATED FOR LEMONS. If you don’t like the lemons, don’t read. Again, it is an M rated romance story. Expect lemons n shit.
12/23/2020 c43 agirl00z
Just found this little gem of a fic! Benge read, and so want to see more. I hope this story is still active; I look forward to Naruko's adventures and development as a Ninja and harm queen.
Amazing story, stay safe.
12/5/2020 c43 2willam and jack and jake
well done
12/1/2020 c41 BobSquirrelKing
"she'd just fought a giant sea monster of some kind during a C-Rank mission to investigate strange goings on in a sleepy seaside village on Hi no Kuni's eastern coast."

I'm sorry, but did you have Kushina fight Cthulhu?
11/30/2020 c5 BobSquirrelKing
The method for absorbing a new weapon style made me imagine Naruto pulling that out to eat Kubikiribōchō during the Wave Arc, and Zabuza freaking out about it.
11/25/2020 c43 18Dragon and Sword Master
And with that, I've finally re caught up to this wonderful story and cannot wait to see what else is in store! I loved it then as I love it now and cannot wait to see how you have the invasion go down...
11/15/2020 c43 3ahmeddmotazz
Just gonna remind you to NOT forget about 'Issei - The Gaming Gear'. It's one hell of a story that I reallllyyy do not want for you to give up on...
11/15/2020 c43 1Sakihinata
11/15/2020 c43 powermachine79
Great chapter looking forward to next one
11/15/2020 c43 demoncreater2002
It has been forever since this has been updated! I really enjoy this story please post soon!
11/13/2020 c1 The One Above
Genderbend is a No-Go for the Naruto fandom sometimes. I dislike it immensely. However, I cannot deny this is written surprisingly OK. It's not fantastic but it's not bad. I'm not going to read it but I know others will. Keep up the good work!
11/13/2020 c43 tacktician
Might I suggest as a good weapon for Kin, if you’re wanting her to fight during the invasion could be a Naginata with bells either attached to the guard or hanging in a cluster on a string attached to the guard. It’s a very simple ad-on but with her sound-based can you to that messes with somebody’s balance and division, it be a great way for her to disorient an enemy with each swing and then go in for the kill at a decent distance.

The scene with Tenten got me thinking about weapons.
I hope in someway this can help.
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