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for Uzumaki Naruko: To the Victor, the Spoils V2

4/27 c1 2dudepotatos
Can someone lead me to the lemon ver. ? I can't find the website linked on OP's profile
4/27 c1 dudepotatos
Can someone lead me to the lemon ver. ? I can't find the website linked on OP's profile
4/25 c45 Morbious20
Great chapter
4/25 c44 Morbious20
Good chapter .
3/23 c45 2willam and jack and jake
well done
3/19 c45 1LoneSilverW0lf
Great writing, loving the story. Interested to see where else this goes. After reading this, I'm surprised they didn't go into more detail about the Uzumaki clan in the show, or at least let Naruto know of his heritage earlier.

Side bit: I know that the Spoils of War is the running theme here, and you've done a great job of it so far, but I'm a little worried about Temari becoming another Spoil. I mean I would get it if it happens, but I'm liking the idea of something a little different for her, just to shake things up. Something like a long distance relationship perhaps? The Sand Siblings are all victims of their father, defying orders would mark them as traitors despite orders being wrong, and they're not exactly small fry ninja like Dosu and Kin are to just defect, so they're screwed either way. Keeping Garra in Konoha isn't a great idea, imo, and Temari is one of the few who can talk him down, so having her with him seems to be the best course of action. Then she and Naruko develop their relationship from there over letters or something? Bond over a few meetings/joint missions? That's just my idea, but anyways.

Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see next chapter!
3/9 c45 sonavelkovskaa5842
Автор мне нравиться ваша история. И жду с нетирпением продолжения вашего рассказа. Желаю вам удачи, вдохновения и здоровья :))))
3/4 c45 5ShugoYuuki123
Enjoying the story, had to re-read it to remember the plot and what has happened so far. Looking forward to when you next update :)
2/27 c5 TheLostArchivist
But unless you put that book of smut away Hatake
-Should be Kakashi
2/27 c6 TheLostArchivist
Aww, I'm sad. I always shipped Anko...
2/26 c45 65WolfDragonGod
Great update can’t wait for more
2/22 c12 7Wally991
Okay...nice fic, honestly, but...the pacing is too slow, and I mean too slow to be a fanfiction. If it was an original story it would be perfect, but as a fanfiction and based on the original, it's slow. Another thing, we're at chapter 12 and there's no romance, just some lemon thrown here and there with a character you specifically told us wouldn't be part of the harem.

It is greatly written, that is something undeniable. But if you're write more about the story rather than the characters interactions and feelings...it not correctly categorized in romance, since still in chapter 12, it doesn't have any. It's more friendship than anything
2/22 c8 Wally991
You know...I know you're mad that they reported the lemon, but this is such a good story, and honestly an sex scene with a twelve year old with a woman twice her age would have been just disturbing. It just seem tame because Anko is a woman...but it does not take creepy factor out of the scene
2/20 c44 1Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime
now I'm more Determined to waiting for the next chapter... please continue with your best efforts and don't forget your priorities... they must comes 1st
2/17 c45 15Leaf Ranger
So there we go Naruko getting set up to have Toads as well as her crows, while sarutobi does a lot of thinking and musing. Nice.

Good work, keep it up!
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