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for The Little Merman

8/16/2016 c1 Guest
Love this!
10/12/2014 c1 580articcat621
Awhhh I loved this!
9/29/2014 c1 2alanasibertelli
:D very funny but the sad part is that the story is so short!
Please keep writing more stories!
9/29/2014 c1 27Mama Shmi
me intriga el tema... el incidente con los fideos... jajajajajaja
9/29/2014 c1 66notwritten
That was funny. Keep smiling.:-)
9/29/2014 c1 234tinylexie
I just loved the banter between Lucius and Severus. My favorite parts were Lucius lamenting Severus's lack of subtlety (is Lucius honestly the only Slytherin that understands and values subtlety?), and Severus wanting to back out of the whole thing when Lucius said he was cursing him. Only Severus would trust Lucius with anything, LOL. I also loved how Lucius tried to act so innocent in the end. I just was laughing throughout all of Lucius's and Severus's conversation; they are so funny together. Good job with this.

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