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for Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion V2

5/15 c57 Don'tHurtMeImScared
Absolutely amazing work. I hope it gets updated one day.
4/29 c16 3AlexFalTon
So far, this has been my one and only issue: Villeta after being recruited thought this:

"Besides, she had always been good at spotting good people to attach herself to, and Lelouch vi Britannia was currently showing all the signs that he was such a person. Honourable, charismatic and honest."

Wtf? I mean, half of its fine and true, but she was and I do believe it to be accurate, mind-raped by main character. That's one hell of a transition. It just feels weird. But 'honest' and 'honorable' after all Lelouch did. Not the words I'd use. Lelouch is more honest, i suppose. I'd be way more angry at him tho.
4/22 c36 4ObeRun
What about Marrybel man. This princess deserves more love and attention after reading some infos about her specially on the spinoff and manga
4/21 c57 7Crimson SwordKeeper626
Ooooh, telling Kallen that he's Zero is about what I was waiting for. But informing not only her, but also Todo and the mother of Kallen's knightmare!? Now I can't for the next chapter!
4/16 c57 M
Where is the next chapter!
4/17 c57 Mugen-Muse
Yeah. Telling them one at a time is probably for the best. I'm curious to see how Lelouch/Zero plans to go about each explanation.

On the bright side, even if Lelouch had trouble with Schneizel in the past, he does have at least one advantage. I imagine Schnitzel will want to look into the situation himself and be as discrete as possible to catch the mastermind behind it all. That and how V.V. might react could be rather distracting. Never mind how any denials from V.V. and his subordinates regarding the Ashford assassinations might be perceived as mere lies. Probably. Then again, the recent events could just be seen as a change in MO due to the Ashford family being on the rise after falling however far. If Lelouch needs to do something to encourage that belief, then I hope he's extremely careful about nudging everyone and everything into place.
4/15 c15 M
Ok I liked this little thing
4/14 c57 4DarkFusion
It's good that we're returning to the perspectives of Lelouch and co. with a welcome addition of a look at things from Schneizel's perspective where we see he's adding to the cleaning of house on Euphie and Cornelia's end and as affable a portrayal as it is, we know this going to be serious trouble for Lelouch. Speaking of it was nice to see some relationship advancement with Shirley, and the next scene in which he and C.C. discuss how to handle revealing his identity to Rakshata, Todo and Kallen respectively have me very interested to see how that turns out next chapter, especially for our favorite redheaded ace (might even inspire some ideas for later stuff with my own CG fic). I very much look forward to the next chapter whenever it's ready.
4/7 c57 Uruguay Wolf
4/7 c57 Uruguay Wolf
4/6 c57 3whattoname
I hope we don't have to wait another year for the next chapter- things are just starting to heat up! Another great chapter as usual.
4/5 c57 SpudyPotato
Nice work! Glad to see Lelouch getting ahead of the accidental reveal.
Looking forward to more.
4/2 c57 10Just a Crazy-Man
Epic sorry late in replying
4/1 c48 5Chainharte
. . . . . it's really just sad. Suzaku keeps saying how they need to wake up and see the truth, yet ironically HE'S the one who needs to wake up and smell the roses. Everyone keeps telling him the truth to his face but he refuses to listen to him. It's going to break him at this rate, drive him insane and to the depths of despair to the point of suicide at the very least if someone doesn't manage to finally get through to him.
3/30 c57 claymaster27
Thanks for another great chapter and I'm looking forward to the next
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