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for Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion V2

2h c55 SpudyPotato
Good chapter
12/1 c55 Guest
Hey seerking where is this week's update I mean it should have been up yesterday if you go by the schedule
11/29 c55 TheMist33
Great chapter
11/27 c55 1Vegito is King
It's so cool to get more updates on this story. Its one of my favorites. It seems like the plot has been slowing down so far. This side plot involving VV and his geass soldiers seems like a waste of time unless it affects Lelouch in some way. When thinking of VV and the geass Directorate my thoughts revolve around CC.

In the canon it never sat right with me that CC failed to let Lelouch know about several things. A group led by a Code Bearer that has an army of geass users is definitely important information. CC can't claim ignorance because she was the freaking Director of that organization. The geass users mentioned here have some members that are older than Lelouch so its possible that CC recognizes their faces and even their abilities. CC left Britannia after Marianne died and not before after all. Hopefully we can start getting more actionable intel from CC because honestly, she hasn't been doing much in comparison to Lelouch's other companions. Considering that she is several centuries old and was at one point a close confidant of Charles and Marianne she would have several ideas on how to attack Britannia. She doesn't need to think of the entire plan; we have Lelouch for that, but she needs to sit down and write everything down. Locations containing the Directorate assets, names of geass users, safehouses, bank accounts, etc. Does immortality come with faulty memory? Then there is also the Ragnorok issue to deal with as well.

I am looking forward to seeing if there might be any new characters being introduced into the story. Leila is a personal favorite and a compatible match for Lelouch. She was also given an incomplete geass by CC (What is it with her and messing up children for life like Mao?). Its one idea that the anime didn't show much which in having Japan ally itself with other nations to combine their armies to destroy Britania. Other than Todoh there isn't another commanding officer besides Lelouch to lead the Black Knights. Leila can fill that role.
11/23 c5 Pedantic Penguin
It should be pointed out that Lelouch demanded the use of codenames over the radio because of the (quite reasonable) concern that Britannians could be listening in, only to explicitly state Kallen's full name over the radio a short while later, potentially compromising her identity.

If Lelouch wants to indicate he knows who she is for some reason, then discovering her mobile number and sending her an anonymous text from "K1" wouldn't be difficult for him. If worded vaguely, i.e. "I look forward to working with you again," or some such, it still gets across the message of, "I know who you are," without immediately flagging her as a terrorist to any Brittanian intelligence agencies.
11/22 c55 Guest
I'm so glad you update this story I love code geass so can you please continue with it and could you bring back the lemons for this story to.
11/24 c55 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one
11/22 c55 Blaze1992
. . . Wow 2 utterly different people yet both are equally void of common sense in their "jobs".
11/20 c55 Guest
Seriously cannot get over how good this is.
11/19 c55 Blind Oracle
Nice to see this story update after so long!

The new assassin team looks interesting, and Lelouch gave a very good lecture.

On a related note, I happen to follow modern events by many means including YouTube channels like "PolyMatter" and "Perun". The former covered China in a four-part series that concluded with "Why China Sucks at Soft Power — China's Reckoning (Part 4)", which this chapter reminded me of.

Perun meanwhile has covered the ongoing Russian Invasion of Ukraine and included a couple of interesting videos titled "How Corruption Destroys Armies - Theft, Graft, and Russian failure in Ukraine" and "How lies destroy armies - Lies, coverups, and Russian failures in Ukraine". In both vids he showcases how corruption and lies can "trickle down" from the tops of hierarchies all the way down to the bottom. I realized that much of what I saw in these videos could also apply to a setting like Code Geass - if not to Britannia, then to the Chinese Federation for sure.

Good luck with future chapters for this and your other stories!
11/19 c55 guestinator
Just wanted to know if you plan to actually finish this storey or are you writing just to write? As after Eight years this should be done, as it isnt that says it probably won't.

You put too much long term effort and probably use it as a break from life. It is a lifeline and so you can't afford to finish it for your mental health.
11/20 c55 7ThatIndieReviewer
See you in six months.
11/19 c55 4DarkFusion
This was a pretty good chapter giving us a look at how Geass order agents operate and the character building conversation Lelouch and co. have with Suzaku is interesting. About the only nitpick I have is on a pacing front it does feel like a little too much 'set up' with the last few chapters plus introducing and focusing on a group of new characters over the ones we know and are invested in makes things feel a little slow progress-wise. Then again given the title of next chapter that might change. Regardless I still look forward to the next chapter whenever it's ready.
11/19 c55 9MosesArk Reborn2000
Impressive that V.V has a collection of prized agents, shame that I have little faith in that since Rolo got jumped, and the guy that managed to do that got owned in like, a single chapter. Even Mao got at two episodes and he had no training whatsoever. Speaking of training, I too am questioning V.V's logic in sending Rolo on this job as the kid's clearly not capable of doing anything more then quick murders where he's almost always gone before anyone can pick up on the trail of corpses.

As for the little lesson on how power works, of course Suzaku wouldn't know that as I pretty sure where Lelouch hid from Tohdoh when it came to martial arts, Suzaku did the same when it came to political lessons from his father and Kirihara. Also, perfectly within his character to refuse to even consider how free will factors into even the army as if he did, he'll realize his weak excuse to not think about the shit he does because someone told him to do it, was as I said, weak.
11/16 c2 Review
you forgot another reason for the gambling was to take care of nunnally and himself he didn't want to owe the ashfords so he repaid them and paid for the school fees and necessities for himself and nunnally and sayako otherwise his money was for emergency situations or in case they were in a pinch and needed extra funds
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