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for Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion V2

5/24 c54 SomePervyGuy
Thanks again for the chapter.
5/21 c54 61reader713
Whose the fifth sibling?
He only listed four recently deceased siblings
I’m just curious
5/20 c54 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
5/19 c54 7Stormhawk fan SHhype

So I discovered this story recently while randomly browsing, and decided to give it a go, and after spending the last few days reading through every chapter so far, I’am BLOWN AWAY. This is by far my favourite Code Geass story so far, and I’ll confess it’s kept me up to the early hours of the morning more than one night, to get in just one more chapter, as it were . I’m seriously looking forward to more of this, and adding it to my favourites list. Keep up the good work my friend.
5/19 c54 Blaze1992
Even in a world under the heel of evil empire the bro code lives on!
5/18 c54 5stardrago
Hmm, I think you forgotten about some other family members in the Brittainia family like of Marybell and of what happen to her mother and younger sister. Also, you think you could make your chapters a it more longer; given the different time skips you have in the days, you think you could of included of the point of view for Euphemia and Milly
5/17 c54 1dalek117
Welcome back!

Have to say, this was literally my introduction into the Code Geass franchise and I've been loving every second of it. Really liking the characterisation of Lelouch, CC and everyone else, especially Lelouch's harem (both current and future members) and the OCs you've included, as well as how rational Lelouch is being in this continuity of Zero's rebellion.

This chapter, while small imo, did a lot of characterisation for Rivalz and Schneizel in regards to Lelouch, mainly serving as the bolstering of the friendship of the former, and introducing the latter as an antagonist.

So far, I'm really looking forward to seeing when and how Kallen, Shirley and Euphie join the harem, though since Mao was killed off at the very start of the story, how will Shirley get involved with Zero and find out the truth. She's been a bit absent from the story and I do hope that she gets some quality time with Lelouch soon.

Thanks for writing such a wonderful story and I look forward to seeing the next update for Gamer Issei and Prepared Rebellion whenever they happen!

5/16 c54 Z-Breezy
Allowing himself to be punch was so weak
5/16 c54 Trey of the rebellion
Great chapter
5/16 c54 Electro415
This is one of my favorite fanfiction

I really like how the author writes many of his stories!
But I think he spreads himself too thin across too many stories. An update every 6 months 'if not longer' does really kill my enthusiasm for any of his stories.
5/16 c14 santiagomatthewjulian
Take the stairs take the stairs!
5/14 c54 2Mugen-Muse
On one hand, such deaths do sound rather foolish. Though I wonder if Geass might have played a part in their deaths too. Still, I suppose Prince Schnitzel would have no reason to suspect a supernatural power that has its capabilities depend on the wielder and what Geass they possess.
5/12 c54 naruto
great chapter keep it up
5/13 c54 SpudyPotato
Oooh cool to see things setting up for a big confrontation. Great work!
5/11 c54 WearyCurmudgeon
Come on folks, do pay some attention before you complain about updates.

He's got a schedule on his bio.
Has 12 active stories and updates biweekly. So it takes about 24 weeks (tad under 6 months) before a story is updated, in addition he takes December off (and not counting taking time off due to illness).

So his next update for this story would be around 26th of November if my math is right.

Not much to say about the chapter itself, transitional piece to build up towards the next big arc.
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