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for Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion V2

5/16/2021 c11 2Drew86419
This is where I stop, story progression is slow as hell and it’s way to much romance for me to enjoy.
5/14/2021 c52 KadiganKSb
Now that I'm all caught up, I find this blend of slice-of-life and action enjoyable. The chapters that shy away from the central characters kinda irk me, but that's only because I'm painfully aware that there are only so many chapters up, and every interlude is one less for the main story... ;-)

I'm liking this Lelouch - less of a spoiled brat, more of a seasoned determinator. He could probably use some character flaws, though, because as much as I like him kicking ass and taking names, he might get accused of being a bit Stu-ish... ;) Then again, there are some tough times coming up, I expect, so we'll see him actually LOSE... I wonder how he'll act.

Can't wait to see how things go with Kallen. To be honest - her and Euphemia are the only two I'm really interested in here... though that's not to say that I have anything against the others! Not at all. You're putting them to beautiful, excellent use. I just think Euphie got absolutely HACKED in the canon story, and I hated that. As for Kallen... she's quite the character, I love seeing her in action (would love to see more of her inner thoughts, on many things!), and I think she could use a pick-me-up. Also, I'm expecting her meltdown on the whole Zero/Lelouch unmasking will be LEGENDARY, with how she's being written here.

On the whole, this is a very lovely story. A bit of wish fulfillment, to be sure, but I also have nothing against it - in fact, knowing it for what it is, I encourage it. The women I would've wanted to be included supposedly will be (I would've liked Cornelia as a satellite, as she seems to need a serious shoulder to cry on as well, to be honest - she's wound up tighter than the screws on Euphie's figurative chastity belt), so I'm good on that front. ;]

Keep up the amazing work, Author, and I'll see you in "Naruko".
5/14/2021 c52 7Star's Keyblade4114
Finally, now I'm all caught up. Can't wait to see what happens with a title like that.
5/11/2021 c52 Guest
I have his in my follow folder and I swear whenever it updates I'm never notified.

Great chapter by the way
4/30/2021 c1 Chaos Crawling
Is Shirley in leoluchs Harem ?
4/29/2021 c52 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
4/21/2021 c52 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
4/20/2021 c52 15Dragonheart Of Ireland
This story is getting better and better each time a new chapter comes out! This is my number 1 favourite fanfic ever! Can't wait for the next update!
4/15/2021 c45 shake774
aaaand im droping it. it was good while it lasted but with the whole so many masked sidekicks is just getting annoying and stupid
4/13/2021 c52 ApexofRuin
Been a long while since I read and not sure of I left a response but I'm doing better about that, amazing story I like the development and the realistic approach on some subject as well as father developments and explanations for each character and I look forward to your future chapters keep it up!
4/9/2021 c1 eagoralol
Plzz continue
I love this
4/8/2021 c17 Prometheus-777
Heh. It's seems like Cornelia and Euphemia are being set on a path to rebel against Britannia.

Heh. Lelouch's in for some big surprises now. So many things are changing. Or he would have been, had he not bugged Cornelia's office lol. Now he can make plans within plans lol.

And so the Zero harem is born!

All the preparations are complete! The plan is in motion.

Emperor Zero protects!
4/7/2021 c16 Prometheus-777
Ayyyy! Nice to see Villetta Nu's part of Zero's Knights of Rebellion lol. And willingly true. Grand Duchess Villetta Nu's got a nice ring to it. Reminds moi of Duchess Satin from Star Wars the Clone Wars TV animated series. O also hope there will be romantic overtures between Grand Duchess Villetta Nu and Zero.

Darth Sidious to Villeta Nu: So treason then..! Muahaha-Ahem!
4/7/2021 c15 Prometheus-777
Heh. An interesting interlewd lol. Very villainous.
4/7/2021 c14 Prometheus-777
Enter Cornelia and Euphemia! Shy just got real.

Lol! Villetta Nu's Sadistic asf! I can't believe that's how she YOROKOBE'd at being relieved of the viceroy position lol! Poor Euphy. Gehehehaha!

Heh. Interesting... So Jeremiah has now revealed to the Li Brittania sisters that Lelouch and Nunnally still live... I wonder how this will affect the storyline now that this revelation has been made preemptively so early on... Fascinating...! How tantalisingly titillating!

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine!
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