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for Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion V2

4/8/2021 c17 Prometheus-777
Heh. It's seems like Cornelia and Euphemia are being set on a path to rebel against Britannia.

Heh. Lelouch's in for some big surprises now. So many things are changing. Or he would have been, had he not bugged Cornelia's office lol. Now he can make plans within plans lol.

And so the Zero harem is born!

All the preparations are complete! The plan is in motion.

Emperor Zero protects!
4/7/2021 c16 Prometheus-777
Ayyyy! Nice to see Villetta Nu's part of Zero's Knights of Rebellion lol. And willingly true. Grand Duchess Villetta Nu's got a nice ring to it. Reminds moi of Duchess Satin from Star Wars the Clone Wars TV animated series. O also hope there will be romantic overtures between Grand Duchess Villetta Nu and Zero.

Darth Sidious to Villeta Nu: So treason then..! Muahaha-Ahem!
4/7/2021 c15 Prometheus-777
Heh. An interesting interlewd lol. Very villainous.
4/7/2021 c14 Prometheus-777
Enter Cornelia and Euphemia! Shy just got real.

Lol! Villetta Nu's Sadistic asf! I can't believe that's how she YOROKOBE'd at being relieved of the viceroy position lol! Poor Euphy. Gehehehaha!

Heh. Interesting... So Jeremiah has now revealed to the Li Brittania sisters that Lelouch and Nunnally still live... I wonder how this will affect the storyline now that this revelation has been made preemptively so early on... Fascinating...! How tantalisingly titillating!

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine!
4/7/2021 c13 Prometheus-777

Enter Diethard! Can't wait to see how you best utilize him.

So Kewell wants to usurp Jeremiah huh... Fascinating...!

Heh. I like how interesting Jeremiah's been replaced by Kewell as Orange lol!

Damn. Suzaku still pisses me off with his ideology: Naïve and lofty as it is. How Hero/Ally of Justice of him like Shirou EMIYA lol.

Now I feel Archer EMIYA's pin and his disdain of Heroes/Allies of Justice as well as his younger past self who was like that lol. Zashhu! The lot of them!

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine.
4/7/2021 c12 Prometheus-777
Interesting interlewd. Dufufufu.

I like how C.C. has officially gave Sayoko her blessing to become her Master's lover lol. Awesomeness.

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine.
4/4/2021 c42 GJMEGA
Why did Kallen get off the Bedivere? Why not just use the Radiant Wave Surger immediately after knocking it to the ground? Even if it's blocked again that should cut the enemy's power to near zero.
4/4/2021 c52 9MosesArk Reborn2000
So...all his plans are going according to plan. He's new factory will soon be underway, he has one of his agents close to Euphemia and the full backing of Kyoto. If he and Palpatine were friends, the sith lord would praise the kid for his scheming ways at such a young age.
4/2/2021 c52 2Mugen-Muse
Starting to wonder who won't be working for Lelouch by the end of things.
3/31/2021 c2 GJMEGA
How does one "secretly" take up kenjutsu and yet perform in matches?
3/31/2021 c11 Prometheus-777
Heh. Well that was interesting

*King's Gambit*

Heh. That was AWESOMENESS!

*Fool's Check*

...Ah, N-NANI?! What did I just... Nvm. Yeah, so this was an interesting chapter. I didn't expect Milly to figure out Theta base like that as well as going along with Lelouch WITHOUT being Geassed like that. But it's nice that some of Lelouch's allies aren't all Geassed. But shows how loyal they are.

Shinichiro Tamaki back at it again making a baka of his Baka self huh... lol.

I like how he gained their allegiance. Be didn't even have to Geass Ohgi...yet, to prove his Power of Absolute Obedience.
3/31/2021 c10 Prometheus-777
Gahddammit! That selfish PRUDISH GIT strikes again! ARRRGGGHHHH! Guess it's back to Ao3 again... *sigh...*

However, I would be remiss not to say ITADAMIKATSU and thanks for the lemons thus far. They have been most tantalisingly titillating! UMU!

And the fact that C.C. saw all that is quite arousing, if I do so say myself, I daresay my good Sir! Can't wait to see what she has planned for her Lelouch.

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine!
3/31/2021 c9 Prometheus-777
Lol! That court toady is hilarious!

Lol! Poor Private Dan Smith. I almost feel sorry for him. ALMOST!

Heh. Orange-kun ftw! I hope he still gets his Geass Cancellor by whatever means necessary. This way Charles and or Geass Users can't affect him. Alternatively, he can get a Geass that is the BASICALLY a Geass Cancellor in Geass Power form. Or he could get something to reflect his true nature as someone utterly loyal.

Now as for Villetta Nu... I hope she's brought in as an ally. And I wonder what they plan to do about her being Geassed like that. Although I was enjoying her calling Zero as Master, I am afraid Orange-kun doesn't quite like it and alas, Lelouch seems to be planning to alter what he did to Villeta Nu... Sumanai...

Oh well, it should be interesting either way regardless.

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine.
3/31/2021 c8 Prometheus-777
Interesting how Sayoko disobeyed her Master's order to destroy footage of him Geassing Kallen. Although it's interesting how he didn't implant any hidden permanent commands inside Kallen's mind.

I am interested in what Lelouch plans with Kallen and what Theta base is.

Can't wait to see what he plans to do at the Pureblood Faction base of operations.

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine
3/31/2021 c7 Prometheus-777
Heh. I must say I enjoyed this reaction from Charles and Marianne. It was nice to also see what they were both thinking and planning as well as how they intend to go about it all.

All in all, a nice interlewd. Dufufufu!
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