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for Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion V2

3/31/2021 c7 Prometheus-777
Heh. I must say I enjoyed this reaction from Charles and Marianne. It was nice to also see what they were both thinking and planning as well as how they intend to go about it all.

All in all, a nice interlewd. Dufufufu!
3/31/2021 c21 InflamedCash
3/31/2021 c6 Prometheus-777
I loved every minute infinitesimal significant detail in this chapter. I loved it all...But... Fuck that PRUDISH GIT! Stop ruining the sexual tunic use horny bastards why don't ya!


Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine! Stay strong author. This is your story. Not that useless prudish git's story. If they don't like it they vanish. Nobody will miss them all...
3/31/2021 c5 Prometheus-777
Oho?! A "discussion" she says?! Ooooh la la Monsieur Author-sama! Me limey where this is going! UMU! How tantalisingly titillating.

Holy shizzzz! Those traps for the Lancelot were awesome!

Imma glad you allowed C.C. have her revenge against Clovis ontop of Lelouch interrogating and taking what information he could from his big brother. Although I feel let down that Lelouch didn't order Clovis forgive him ALL his access codes as well as his backdoors into ALL the SYSTEMS he has access to as per his rank and Imperial Privilege/Prerogative rights and such.

Even with Villeta Nu as a LITERAL sleeper agent and slave, it still doesn't change the fact that she's still of lower rank than Clovis and thus lacks the necessary high security clearance to be of significant enough use to Lelouch in her role. as a proverbial mole/Trojan Horse.

That said, I am glad how this all turned out. I can't wait to see what you plan to do with the lemons you promised next chapter. Dufufufu!
3/30/2021 c4 Prometheus-777
Heh. I like how C.C. and Lelouch are getting along. But Mao is going to certainly complicate things unless C.C. and Lelouch can subvert him to their side. His mind reading Geass can be helpful for surveillance and subterfuge in clandestine operations... Had he not just been crushed to death LOOOOOOOOOL! Evidently you hate the guy with extreme prejudice. Dufufufu!

Heh. I like that part where Orange made Clovis sneeze after he called him an Baka lol!

Heh. I loved how the battles went and the tactics and strategies employed. It made ft entertaining scenarios as Clovis panicked and lost his cool more and more to the point of quote literally handing over the victory to Lelouch so easily and to the utter astonishment of his subordinates.

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine. Keep it maman!
3/30/2021 c3 Prometheus-777
Heh. I like how you altered Villetta Nu's ordered and effectively enslaving her to Lelouch. So I guess she's the first one, or second after C.C., to join Lelouch Vi Brittania's harem huh... And I take it Kallen is the next conquest huh... Fascinating...!
3/30/2021 c2 Prometheus-777
LOL! So you're telling moi there's actually girls who get excited whenever Lelouch rejects their advances and literally squeal in delight at how "cool and distant" he is? Well, call moi a rubber ducky and fuck me sideways lol!

Heh. I like how this turned out. Can't wait to see the rest. The demon has truly been born indeed.
3/30/2021 c1 Prometheus-777
Heh. What an interesting intro. Thus far it seems you're try'na name Lelouch smarter and more intelligent, even if he's still surpassed by Schniezel, huh. Fascinating...!

Imma personally waiting for the harem and romantic overtures to begin in the middle of all this. UMU!

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine!
3/29/2021 c5 1Ashboi2611
Loving the story so far, really like the military aspects they seem to be written true to actual military thus far. Ever time I read anything involving radios I see people say “over and out” and want to strangle them (over is for when you want a reply, out means conversation is done) and saying that the squad “about faced” after the orders by Clovis is true to military speech (I’m in the army so we learn this shit) appreciate the story and wishing you the best.
3/28/2021 c52 11Paragon of Awesomeness
And thus, the wait begins once again as the King of Seers turns his attention to other projects. In all seriousness though, great chapter, even if I was a bit disappointed by the absence of any of the Black Knights characters. It's always nice to see events from the perspectives of the li Britannia sisters, as they attempt do to the right thing (in their own way sometimes) despite being beset by enemies from seemingly every corner and plagued by near-constant corruption everywhere they look. No wonder they're Lelouch's second and third favourite sisters. I wonder, will only Euphemia be included in the harem, or Cornelia as well?

Speaking of the harem, specifically the poll you have basically pitting Villetta Nu against Benio Akagi for a place among the ranks of Lelouch's lovers, one does have to ask why both can't join. It is a harem after all, and their backgrounds and roles are wildly different, so it's not like they'd be competing against one another in any way in-story. Besides, even with all the various Code Geass spin-offs there are, Akagi is probably one of the least-known characters out there. I feel it's worth emphasizing this because even if you take the time to flesh her out and state she is an actual character in your ANs, I can pretty much guarantee you that there will still be readers who will honestly think she's an OC. BTW, I really think you should've informed people about the poll in the AN for this chapter.

Personally I'd prefer Villetta if you are going to make people choose between her and Benio, if only because I'm actually familiar with her as a character, while Benio's wiki page surmises the extent of my knowledge of her. Seriously, I don't even think I've ever seen her mentioned on any of the other Code Geass fanfics I've read. Besides, I'm not sure I see Villetta passing up a chance to get closer to Lelouch, as she could easily be attracted to his power, looks, and intelligence. Plus she might think that Lelouch will definitely be the power behind the Britannian throne, if not Emperor himself despite his own protests, so being one of his wives and the rank such a position would carry would be yet another cherry on top to add ti his appeal. Altogether, it's a package that someone like Villetta would have a hard time passing up, I think. In the end though, it is your story, so I implore you to do what you feel is best regardless of what the poll says in the end. Otherwise you may come to dislike writing this story if you're no longer enjoying the process of creating it, and none of us want that.

Also I'm curious, if Villetta were to not join Lelouch's harem, then what WOULD her future in the romantic department look like? You've already insinuated that something may happen between Ohgi and Inoue, after all. And if romance has nothing to do with it, would it be possible for you to do both whatever you currently have in mind while also eventually having Villetta as one of Lelouch's lovers?

Regardless, I very much look forward to the next chapter! I dearly hope it contains intrigue and drama within the Black Knights, frustration for the Britannians, amusement for Lelouch, Kallen being sexually frustrated and embarrassed, and Suzaku being a stupid idiot.
3/26/2021 c52 PhantomDark
Great to see a new chapter to this story. It is always a fun read to enjoy, I know it will take a long while until the next chapter comes up. But keep up the good work, I'm enjoying the interweaving plot points and hope to see how things continue from here and wonder if Lelouch will have a night with Kaguya, Shirley, or Kallen soon.
3/25/2021 c52 WearyCurmudgeon
- Pilots
Are you planning on adding Rai from that Code Geass "date sim"?

Pilot on par with Kallen and Suzaku. Has issues with V.V. Related to Gino (probably, based on my research, only way to make things fit during the Civil War preceding Charlie's ascension) and Kaguya (definitely). Another Geass user.

You could always pair him up with that Knight of the Round. The one who pushed Kallen, name has slipped my mind.

- Flar3001
Actually, she might not mind Milly. No chance of pregnancy and lets Euphie blow off steam in a non headache inducing way, like she might've in canon, such as sneaking out to go sightseeing.


A small measure of freedom before she gets married off by her father or Schneizel.
3/27/2021 c50 4DestinySkyDemon
Fucking brutal, and I LOVE IT!
3/27/2021 c52 Hellwyrm
I can't remember if this was mentioned in one of your ANs, but I can't help but wonder if Villetta and Euphemia will be part of the harem he has going for him at some point. They both deserve a little love in my opinion. Enjoyable chapter to read as always, I'm looking forward when Euphy gets the bomb dropped on her that Lelouch and Nunnally are living. I bet it will be quite the entertaining reunion, and I wonder if you plan on bringing Cornelia into the loop earlier to avoid the canon shitshow between her and Zero/Lelouch.
3/27/2021 c52 7A Hopeful One
You might want to count how many times the phrase "all and sundry" turns up in your writing. Just a little quirk I've noticed from you. Thanks for the new chapter!
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