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for Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion V2

10/25/2014 c22 7Lordban
Eh, yes, it is annoying to lose that proof of a story having well been received. Ah well. I think the readers you had who still read haven't gone anywhere.

Interlude? As a matter of fact, not interested in anything more than a "footnote" unless there is critical plot development in it. The biggest pitfall in storytelling: telling about every single detail. Before you know it, you've already written a tale longer than Fellowship of the Ring (which is where you are right now) but the Hobbits haven't reached Rivendell yet.

That you're getting picked at in this way is, by the way, a sign of expecting that you're good enough to be held to professional standards of writing. Not too many authors can.
10/25/2014 c22 FLARECROWN
Great chapter
10/25/2014 c22 hatred9117
i hope he squired him
10/25/2014 c22 Swanboy
Love how you handled this, especially how you drove Corneia insane.
Looking forward to the confrontaton between her and Euphemia.
10/25/2014 c22 Haxler
Shame about the views
I hope you do not leave the story for that.
I really hope so.

excellent chapter, bye :3

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10/25/2014 c22 ahsankhanahsankhan2014
Lelouch defeated Cornelia
10/22/2014 c21 Guest
Keep writing I love this story.
10/21/2014 c21 Guest
Keep going I love this story
10/14/2014 c20 ChunkyFunkyMunky
It's my personal wish that Lelouch's harem consists only of C.C., Kallen, and Shirley since they are the only ones with true romantic feelings, which happen to be reciprocated by Lelouch. I really hate random pairings such as Kaguya, Milly, Euphy, Anya, etc. since there is no real bond between them. Euphy should at least with Suzaku and Milly with Rivalz, nuff said. Kaguya sure she has a crush on Zero (a little too young), but he is obviously not interested. I keep seeing Anya (at the most be with Gino) which really annoys me since that is totally random along with Cornelia (with Guilford, DUH). Though this is irrelevant, I kinda like the idea of Nunally with Rolo, and Rai with Nonnette, just my strange preference.
10/14/2014 c21 3Uruolki
Just finished rereading both your Naruko and this story. I was really surprised when I had over 40 new emails. You haven't changed anything, so this might not mean much, but I'm really enjoying both of them.

By the time I found this story, your poll was already up so I couldn't vote, but I think you should drop Euphy from the harem. It's not because of the incest (the fact that royal incest actually happened is irrelevant to what your readers are used to). I just don't think the characters are going to mesh well together when you bring her into Zero's group. And she would have to be brought in; Lelouche simply can't keep that fact hidden from her. Admittedly it has been a while since I've watched the show, but I vaguely remember Euphy saying that Zero was going about his plan wrong before she told the Japanese to die. While she might agree with Lelouche's end goal, I can't see her agreeing to go along with his methods. That sort of clash really shouldn't happen within a leader's inner circle. You yourself explained why he hasn't told Nunally. It seems like it's the same problem to me. I also have trouble seeing Kallen accepting Euphemia. You've written her to where she absolutely hates Britannia, so having her be okay with sharing Lelouche with a Britannian princess doesn't make sense. You could ease Kallen's attitude, but the amount of time it would take seems like it would push Euphy's actual "joining" into the second half.

I say let her and Suzaku be together. Yes, Suzaku is idealistic, naive, and stubbornly stupid, but he also goes through a lot during the series. He deserves some good and comfort. Actually, thinking about it, that's the same argument I'd make for Ohgi and Villetta, but that's neither here nor there. If you're set on keeping Suzaku alone, you could go for an underused route and have Euphemia and Nina bond over the terrorist attack and have something grow from there. Maybe being dragged around the world with Cornelia and her eagle eyes whenever a boy was around led to Euphemia wondering if girls are better since Cornelia wasn't as strict with them. From Nina's side, this could be after Milly explains why they can't be together and Nina doesn't know what to do.

This is ultimately your story, but those are some of my thoughts.
10/14/2014 c21 Mackayo
Great story, can't wait for the next. Sad to hear Milly won't be joining in for a long time, but you can't have everything :-)
10/11/2014 c21 Waka Metalbelly
Hot damn that's a good story! Keep it up!
10/8/2014 c21 4Greatazuredragon
Interesting view of the Ashford side of this story, wonder if they will get more actively involved with the rebelion.
Good work, looking forward to the next update.
10/7/2014 c21 1EDK
Well now, things are certainly starting to get pretty interesting... It seems as if several more people are actually quite aware of the various secrets that Lelouch is keeping than he actually realizes, to a certain degree at least, with some knowing more than others! But wow, how arrogant is Melisande Ashford, for her to think that she can use her own daughter and Lelouch's former position as an heir to the Britannia Empire in one of her plans to regain the political influence that the Ashford family has lost, along with thinking that he will be easy to control? She's going to be in for a major shock, if she pushes things too far, since she clearly has no idea just cunning he can really be if given the chance, but this could also be one of those few moments where he'd potentially be taken off guard by something that he honestly didn't see coming; since he might believe Melisande couldn't possibly be so stupid as to try and use this sort of plan to control him, without considering the potential risks of painting a bull's-eye on both him and Nunnally for everyone that's around them, including herself.

Another interesting change that I've detected from the canon series is the fact that Euphemia seems to be far more aware of various military tactics, with her picking all of these skills up from when she was dragged through several major combat zones by Cornelia when she was still quite young (in her attempt to protect Euphemia from those people who might have intended to use her as a puppet in all of their political dealings and manipulation that seems to be a common event in Britannia court, at the cost of a relatively normal childhood), instead of being a naïve wide-eye-idealist who'd try to resolve everything in a peaceful manner without bloodshed; doing this to the point where it would either can be extremely foolish or unlikely to happen, due to human nature... These new skills could be quite interesting for whatever she now plans to do, with regards attempting to stop Cornelia from carrying out "Operation Snake Pit". I'm also impressed to see that she knows the difference between what is the right choice and a easy one, with her willing to take a stand for what she truly believes in, by going against her sister's plan; even if it means that their relationship will potentially become quite strained! This was the potential long-term outcome that I had a hunch would happen when I had reviewed the previous version of the story, so it'll be interesting to see how certain events will play out, due to the potential tension that builds up between them and at what point will Euphemia finally decide that she can no longer support either her older sister's increasingly immoral actions in all of her attempts to hunt Zero down or the way that Britannia brutally rules over all the areas that it's conquered, after seeing numerous examples of just how badly corruptted the system really is...

As for Suzaku, he's got some serious double standards going on with regards his beliefs, so I don't see him as being very willing to protest too much at what Cornelia's planning; either due to the fact that he feels that he's not got any other choice in this matter that would end well for him or telling himself that all those who go against the system have only themselves to blame for when it comes down on top of their heads... I could also see him trying to help Cornelia calm Euphemia down and also attempting to justify their actions in Saitama, depending on how the situation eventually turns out, with him stating that they intended to both bring Zero to justice for killing her older brother and crush a potential rebellion, so that while having to involve innocent civilians in their fight with Zero's group was a very regrettable action, they had no other choice in order to draw him out and stop him before he really got started. Somehow though, I don't see this version of Euphemia taking this kind of statement lightly, especially given just how badly she had reacted to the way Cornelia'd casually commented that Clovis should have done a better job of covering up what he ordered to be done in Shinjuku back in chapter 14 and she verbally rips them both to shreds; for even thinking that she'd be okay with what they were doing in pursuit of their goal, with her not trusting them to keep her in the loop when it comes to how they're attempting to deal with Zero, so it's not likely that she will be picking Suzaku as her knight this time around (if things go somewhat similar same up to that point)! While Cornelia may be angry with her sister for going against her wishes, I think a part of her would be worried for Euphiema's long-term safety... Wonder what Suzaku would think of all this though?

The major difference that I can see between Suzaku and Leouch, both in canon and this story, is as follows: while the both of them are both quite capable of doing some very immoral things, in order to achieve their goals, Leouch is quite willing to publically admit that some of what he does is quite immoral and will deeply regret his worst actions for the most part; while Suzaku constantly deflects almost all of the blame which gets directed towards him for whatever he does, while he uses some sort of excuse to absolve himself of any responsibility for whatever he did (like the whole 'I was just following orders from my superiors' routine) and then carries on with his actions; seemingly without losing any sleep over the matter. I'm reminded of a page on TvTropes (can't recall what it's named though, so I would be grateful if people could remind me of its actual title) that compares the both of them by suggesting a theoretical situation where there is two injured people in front of them, one more seriously than the other, with the two of them having to choose what they will do next... While Lelouch would normally end up deciding to save the one that he feels would have the better chance of surviving until he can get them to help, he would still hate himself for a little while afterwards, all due to having to make the hard choice of just which of them was to live and die; but at least one of these people would still be alive! Meanwhile, Suzaku would attempt to save them both at the same time and would end up failing to do so, with both of these injured people ending up dying on him before ever reaching safety; only for him to somehow convince himself that he has done the right thing by trying to save both of them and that he himself is innocent of blame for this outcome, then carrying on without even a second thought, not realizing that trying to make everyone happy is a impossible task and that it is not something that he will ever has a chance of pulling off currently.

I do look forward to seeing what will happen in the next chapter, with everything that has been set into motion in recent chapters hopefully being resolved, or at least some of them... I also wonder if Lelouch will attempt to set things up, to lay the groundwork for gaining some potential new recruits from the Yamato Alliance, if things go badly and most of its leaders leave their men to their fates!
10/5/2014 c21 mr.grey23
Glad you were able to repost this story one of my favorite stories
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