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for Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion V2

10/7/2021 c11 JKingSniper
Right, people cannot see the geass so prob get that fixed
10/7/2021 c11 JKingSniper
Nicee harem girll
10/7/2021 c10 JKingSniper
Not sure how I feel bout this. Dislike Nina a lot on the show
10/7/2021 c10 JKingSniper
Fk those ppl who reported
this is a goddamn fanfic after all
10/7/2021 c53 8DinoGuy2000
Haha! Some lovely Kalulu to start things off, an awesome presentation to geek out over, and bad news for Lelouch to prime the audience for excitement! An excellent chapter indeed!

Good work!
10/7/2021 c9 JKingSniper
Ohhh meeting orange so early
10/7/2021 c8 JKingSniper
Hmm sayoko disobey
guess that's evidence that he can't geass Kellen again
10/7/2021 c7 JKingSniper
10/7/2021 c53 6Star's Keyblade4114
Great to hear from this story again after a while. So got lelouch and Kallen moment/lunch and a demonstration of lelouch's newest toy. One question those guys the neo shinsangomi? Are they still around?
10/5/2021 c50 EDK
A hidden part of Suzaku’s mind could also be desperately hoping that Milly’s response might help to justify the belief which he claims to follow publicly (while he’s secretly wanting to go out in a way he feels would make up for having murdered his father, having done so in an impulsive attempt to stop the bloodshed being caused by Britannia’s invasion of Japan and Genbu’s plans to resist the invaders at all costs, but there may still be even more to this whole story which hasn’t been revealed just yet): namely that Britannia’s extreme racist treatment of the original residents of its conquered territories (with those who’d accepted ‘Honorary Britannia’ status being severely discriminated against, despite supposedly having the exact same humans rights as full citizens of Britannia, at least when compared to Numbers; who don’t get even that much) can actually be changed for the better if enough people (both Britannians, Honorary Citizens and even Numbers) are actually willing to put in the effort to try and improve things legally (without any morally questionable methods), given Suzaku’s quite clearly looking for ANYTHING which may help him to contest the claims that trying to reform Britannia from within the current system is an impossible task which isn’t worth all the effort that he’s been putting in (especially not as an Honorary Citizen, who doesn’t have any major connections or special talents which might convince other people to work with him; since while Suzaku’s working for Camelot right now, even piloting one of their most cutting edge projects, there haven’t been too many chances for him to make a major impact on people who’d both share his beliefs and also have enough influence to help broadcast all these ideals to a larger audience; while having been removed from any combat duties for the last month or so, in an attempt to get his Martyr Complex treated [but with hardly any progress being made, thanks to Suzaku refusing to actually accept the help which is being offered to him] means his chances of successfully getting scouted as a potential Knight of the Round candidate [since becoming the Knight of One and then claiming Area 11 as his own to govern might be the only way Suzaku could ever successfully achieve his public goal of ‘liberating’ Japan with how the current system is set up at this time] have seriously dropped, unless he’s somehow able to impress Nonette or anyone else who could potentially nominate him for that role during any future combat missions); thanks to Suzaku’s naturally stubborn nature making him unwilling to consciously admit to anybody (not even himself inside of his own mind) that there had been even a chance of him having made the wrong choice when he’d made the choice to side with Britannia, constantly trying to justify all of his decisions in some way and also thinking everything will work out eventually; so long as he just keeps trying to change things from within the current system and defeat all those who are attempting to stir up ‘meaningless chaos and violence’ for people (these groups’ destruction used as an example of what happens to those fighting what Suzaku desperately wants to believe is a hopeless battle), being unable to accept that their personal view of things might be just as valid (if not more so) as his own.

But I’m currently seeing Milly bluntly cutting Suzaku off, right as he’s about to launch into another of his ‘passionate speeches’ (given how several of the biggest ones that Suzaku has made in canon can partly come across, at least in my own opinion, as him trying to justify all the questionable decisions he’s made in the past to everybody who can hear these speeches, even himself), then explains in an uncharacteristically calm and cold tone of voice (clearly showing all those listening just how serious Milly is actually being this time around) that she only ever considered Melisande and Roderick to be her genetic donors and also a clear example of how NOT to treat other people; with her grandfather acting as her true parental figure! She may even end up countering some of Suzaku’s attempts to try and justify the questionable things which Melisande did, pointing out the REAL reasons her mother had did these things and be able to back up all these bombshell statements with some solid proof...

It’d be a total tossup if Suzaku would genuinely accept Milly’s explanation though, or if he only goes through the various motions of publicly apologizing for his ‘insensitive comments’, while still secretly thinking to himself that Milly didn’t totally understand the exact context behind some of Melisande’s actions herself; or she’d been letting her own personal issues with her mother cloud her judgement! I’m feeling it’d be the second option that’s most likely though: especially given how stubborn Suzaku can be at times with regards having certain ideas stuck inside of his head, along with totally shutting out anything else which even seems to imply that he’s made a bad judgement call. And even if Milly does realize Suzaku hasn’t believed a word of what she had just told him here, just what can she do about this? His extremely stubborn personality mean it’d take way too much effort to convince him of the truth, time which could be spent in a far more productive manner, not to mention there might be a risk of her saying too much about the whole situation and this gets certain people into trouble!

However, if Suzaku does end up discovering that Lelouch’d set up the deaths of Melisande, Roderick and all their loyal servants at some point in the future (especially if the big reveal’s done by someone who would paint the event in the worst light possible: like omitting the fact that Melisande had been perfectly willing to kill off both Reuben and Milly, if doing so meant that she’d gain total control over the Ashford family’s holdings and money, Melisande clearly not feeling any regret or remorse about the thought of killing off her own daughter; while also withholding the truth that Melisande actually tried to kill Reuben herself on the day before she and Roderick were killed; with this murder attempt only being stopped by Milly and Lelouch), along with learning that both Reuben and Milly were fully aware of what exactly was being planned to deal with Melisande and Roderick; but the pair had let Lelouch carry out his plans, without making any real effort at trying to convince him to show mercy (and they had actually given it their full blessing); our White Knight’s going to blow his top for sure…
This is because Suzaku could end up being triggered by the extremely cold and calculating nature of what had happened to Melisande and Roderick, clearly showing that Lelouch (along with potentially Rueben and Milly, if Suzaku ends up being convinced that they’d also played some part in this affair) had thought all his potential options through extremely carefully, before going ahead with this plan; with Lelouch seemingly not feeling any regrets or remorse about this drastic course of action (which isn’t remotely true since Lelouch actually did feel fairly bad about having to kill Roderick, given that he was a victim of Melisande’s controlling nature and despite everything else, Reuben had still loved his only son; with Lelouch hating the fact that he caused such emotional grief to Milly’s grandfather).

On the other hand, Suzaku ended up killing his own father in a moment of blind passion on his part: thanks to having jumped on the very first plan of action that popped into his head which seemed to solve the complex moral dilemma which he’d been confronted with; but he’d hadn’t taken enough time to properly think about all the potential consequences (or assumed things would work out like he’d assumed they would, not even considering the possibility that other people could react in ways which defied any sort of a logical thought process), leaving him unwilling to trust his own judgement when it comes down to making hard moral decisions in super stressful situations now; claiming that he’ll let the system make these hard decisions for him instead! Suzaku’s clearly ducking out on taking any kind of real responsibility for his choices though; given that he’s still extremely prone to leaping right into the thick of things before a situation can be properly observed, or he applies own his moral standards inconsistently between certain groups, refusing to see just how hypocritical he’s behaving!

Still, from what the next chapter title implies for the main storyline, it seems like Euphemia’s finally going to be selecting her new Knight of Honour and she’ll carry out the ceremony that will make this choice official in the public eye (maybe due to what has happened to Melisande and Roderick having forced Cornelia to accept that her younger sister actually does need the increased level of personal protection that having a Knight of Honour would provide her with and everything related to getting this role fully set up has to happen right NOW, before things potentially end up becoming even more unstable), so she’s willing to accept Euphemia’s chosen Knight candidate (even if they weren’t one of the candidates Cornelia had suggested previously, deciding to take Nonette’s advice to let Euphemia make some choices for herself [however all these decisions turn out, it should still be a good learning experience for Euphemia] and also offering to work together with her younger sister, once they both start the whole screening process for Euphemia’s staff); with the person who’s been selected for this particular role quite clearly being Villetta Nu (all barring any unexpected plot twists that take place).

After all, Euphemia’s not going to be choosing Suzaku for the job this time around (due to her having some major concerns about his long-term mental stability and also not seeing him as a replacement love interest for Lelouch); while Jeremiah already told Cornelia that he’d turn down Euphemia’s offer if she asked him to take up this role, publicly claiming that he doesn’t want this responsibility (while keeping the fact he’s already been acting as Lelouch’s personal Knight a secret, given that accepting Euphemia’s own request would end up as a very obvious conflict of interest on his part); while all of the people who Cornelia had previously suggested as potential Knight candidates would potentially end up giving any orders which she might issue to them a much higher significance over Euphemia’s own commands, or they would be constantly double checking their orders with Cornelia (potentially doing so when a rapid response might be needed to successfully resolve a potential crisis, leading to major delays which cost time and lives) which wouldn’t be too ideal for Euphemia in the long term; since some people just wouldn’t take her seriously, regardless of just how successful she might be at dealing with the various forms of corruption and bureaucratic red tape which hampers any attempts at legal reform, if Euphemia has to run almost everything that she’s trying to do past her older sister!

Although, a part of me just can’t help but have the bad feeling that the current situation in Area 11 is about to escalate again even sooner than Lelouch and almost everyone else were expecting (caused by either the Neo Shinsengumi making their next major move, or the planned invasion supported by the Chinese Federation taking place), but I guess we will see what might happen next soon enough…
10/7/2021 c53 Trey of the rebellion
Always a pleasure to read an update!
10/7/2021 c53 SpudyPotato
Good chapter
10/7/2021 c53 3Sajuuk
Hello lol
Good chapter

I like the new mecha.
It is like a mini transformer.
It is me or would Lelouch create some mecha armour like iron man next for his soldier and himself.

Like the date with kallen. Can't wait more cute scene with kiss and cudling.
Hope also that with the M rating that you will write smut and lemon scene.
Also will Lelouch seduce euphemia and cordelia in his harem ?

I really want to read some scène about the black knight and the india woman ingeneer. Hope you five some more life to Lelouch army and faction.

Also hope Lelouch will make protection for himself and nunally if them or their ally are geassed.
Like creating a anti geass ring or anti geass pin or anti geass bracelet or anti geass watch.
Knowing Lelouch he would wear all of the above and more.

Really want the geass assassin having a lot of trouble with the new security protocole. Hope Lelouch will have some ideas and plans for them.

Go wild and have fun.
10/7/2021 c53 MordredVisor
thanks so much for the update. I had reread the previous back again hahahahaha but it was still amazing

looking forward to the next one
10/6/2021 c6 JKingSniper
Also that comment on lemon not being allowed here. What? There's a shit ton of sex fic on here how is it not allowed.
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