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1/1/2019 c33 Andrea
this was chapter was so athesticly pleasing
10/6/2017 c36 6NinaJoFoster
I just have to say i love this story and im excited to see how it progresses i hope cas gets his memory back soon
10/30/2016 c35 Guest
You should have specified the year
7/14/2016 c35 BOR
Dude I am still waiting for an update, this is an amazing story I reread it every chance I can. It is that good, please continue it, I don't know what is going on but if something is then I understand why you don't update.
11/19/2015 c34 18Destiel101
11/18/2015 c34 dragged-into-perdition
Not cool. Really not cool. You have to fix this, waiting on the edge of my seat for next chapter
11/18/2015 c34 Eruthiawen Luin
*gasp* Caaaaaaasssssssssss
10/24/2015 c33 Destiel101
Still loving it!
10/19/2015 c32 Destiel101
OMG don't you dare stop! I just read all of this in two days! I absolutely love it! Your writing is amazing and your characters are, well, in character and I love this!
10/3/2015 c32 Eruthiawen Luin
I'm still reading! Anywho, this is my favorite Sastiel story I've been paying attention to. I breathe this story, please continue as long as you will.
10/3/2015 c32 24Aleixi
Oh please don't stop! I am loving this story! I get so happy every time I see a new chapter out! The world needs more delightful Sam-Cas fluffiness in it, don't take this loveliness away from us!

Loved the chapter by the way. And the story. I look forward to more soon.
10/2/2015 c32 4JanessaMoon
Please, please don't stop! I love this story, and if you stop then I'll be resigned to another of my favourite stories being discontinued :-(
Also, great job with Cas's emotions. It must have been difficult to filter human emotions through an angel and then back to human again... Definitely impressed :-)
10/2/2015 c32 1Little13Silence
I love your story and really hope you don't stop, interested in seeing what happens next :)
10/2/2015 c32 St. Aidan
Definitely still reading & still loving it! Gah Dean is annoying the hell out of me too.
10/1/2015 c32 mskittyk
Please keep going. I enjoy your writing as it shows a whole different side of the angel/ Winchester dynamic.
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