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for ThE CoLd TiMeS

10/4/2014 c1 Guest
I really like your story and I wish it to continued. IT IS REALLY GOOD!
9/30/2014 c1 3Angels-Glory
I know how you feel I have a professor and he goes on and on about how his daughter met a guy then left her and bla bla bla but great story Angel! If Naru is still mean I can tie him to a tree in the middle of nowhere for the wolves or Kaze.
- Naomi
9/30/2014 c1 1wolf of all trades
I hope you're emotionally stable again, I'd like to see Mai live but maybe throw in the other characters and keep Mai on borderline coma or something if you really want it to be a tragedy. Oh and is the answer to the riddle a rainbow? Good job with the chapter.

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