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12/30/2022 c242 Caprice Dhusara
Best Wingman (wingdog?) Zwei.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
12/24/2022 c242 8DinoGuy2000
Hahahaha! Wonderful! Simply delightful!

Great work!
12/24/2022 c242 101Darkfire Galaxy
Sounds like a solid Christmas plan to me. In all seriousness though, great chapter. Merry Christmas to everyone. See you in the new year.
12/24/2022 c242 44snoopykid
I loved it!
Death Ruby and Bureaucracy Weiss are my favs!
12/24/2022 c242 5ShadowLDrago
Weiss smiled. "Each other, Ruby. We'll be doing each other." Fantastic line.
12/3/2022 c241 ShadowLDrago
Gambol Shroud works very hard to be lazy.
11/28/2022 c241 8DinoGuy2000
Ah, quite a fun little quibble!

Good work!
11/10/2022 c75 Skumi
Yang is the Goddess of Family, maybe? Or War? And Blake is her chose if Family, and if the Gpddess of War, she's the Goddess of Stealth?
11/1/2022 c240 101Darkfire Galaxy
Nah, I agree. Yang had every right to burn that building. Great chapter. I'm liking this new AU so far.
11/1/2022 c240 8DinoGuy2000
Hahahaha! Wonderfully fun!

Good work!
11/1/2022 c240 85Ri2
Hat Cat! Hat Cat!
10/31/2022 c240 5ShadowLDrago
Happy Halloween, you spooky fuck.
10/31/2022 c240 1Tankster99
Loved it though I disagree with Glynda burning down a building with cat killing cultists is a great plan lol
10/19/2022 c88 1MaracaRin
Personal bodyguard, hmmm? Y’know, I’m not sure how well Ruby is “guarding” Weiss’ body…
10/13/2022 c239 8DinoGuy2000
Hahahaha! Just delightful!

Good work!
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