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11/27 c270 succubus.incubus
so just a question you say in this chapter that the blood circle barrier will stop anything weighing under the weight of the blood used to make the circle so then would in stop a bullet in flight? considering the bullet weighs less than the barrier? or would it penetrate the barrier because of the acceleration behind the bullet?
11/25 c250 APridefulSin
a Final Fantasy reference! I didn't notice it before!
11/19 c340 HuangBaiLian
Thank you so much for updating!
11/18 c340 jgood27
Love this story and can't wait to read more. Hope to read more soon!
11/16 c1 Sebine
Just wondering if you're ever going to go back to Valentine's Day
11/11 c340 1Path.Wanderer
Oh my God I can’t believe you updated! I haven’t been getting the email notifications for a year now but I finally logged and saw saw that you posted this. I’ve been following you since 2016 maybe or earlier and I am so excited to see this update went out!
11/3 c62 4zealous soul
I was hoping for a miracle to happen in the later chapters and Sirius will be found and taken to Doreah by her husband as a gift. Flames are mysterious in its powers. Maybe he was transported to vindice prison or something. Lol that would be great cause Sirius is alive and all.
10/27 c226 Paulv69
I am enjoying your work
10/24 c340 5LilliySilverback
I just wanted to let you know this is perhaps my 7th time rereading this wonderful work of art from start to finish. It has become my comfort story, and I hold it more true than the originals you take inspiration from. Your writing style is immersive and fantastically realistic. I adore your creative mind and can only wish your muses continue to entertain us all. Ive read several of your other works, which Ive enjoyed as well. This one shall remain my favorite fanfiction of all time. I wish you and yours all the best, and know your writings bring light in the darkest of times.
10/20 c340 junny
i've followed this story for the longest time and never reviewed. but i just wanted to say thank you for your continued hard work and consistency in updating. i always come back to reread and your writing and worldbuilding always astounds me.
10/12 c340 allenx14
Just finished my third read through of this fic. (When I saw it had updated I just had to give it its proper due and dedicate a full 3 weeks for a reread.) Your world building is still some of the best I have seen. Thank you so much for continuing this wonderful story.
10/7 c248 dragon7734
10/4 c340 Sora Akuma
This is a great story! Can’t wait to finish it. I am wondering did the burn from Xanxus heal with no scar or does Dorea have a Xanxus shaped and print on her?
9/29 c340 Kali SaDiablo
Came back for a reread. Still so compelling! 3
9/15 c340 Guest
Not gonna lie I got lost in your story there are so many people or oc’s it’s just made me confused that I stopped reading, sorry but you started off great and all but it’s like this story took a plunge with all these characters and plots happening.
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