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6/17 c334 Cassiopee hinamori

J'adore ton histoire, que se soit le développement des personnages ou celle de l'histoire.
6/8 c272 yochan123
Tsuna man can’t even stand up for his friends for real over reborn’s causticness

Mainomai schooling Mukuro was great though I’m sad squalo lost . tsuna’s posse is already arrogant beyond belief and it’s disgusting when they think they’re some kind of hotshot but don’t know any Italian, know shit about politics or even what’s going on in the world
6/7 c219 yochan123
I do like that Dorea described the wizarding war as a factional conflict caused by a scheming old fool and one who was driven mad by said fool and made bad choices. It’s quite apt. Also it’s nice to know that she CAN use all of her resources and assassinate Nono if they really want to. I don’t think they can combat magical flame users not to mention her entire Constellation’s ingenuity
6/7 c159 yochan123
Such a perfect blend of both universes you have. Like talbot being Nicholas flamel lmao
6/7 c136 yochan123
Totally agree as I do with all of your fantastic fanfiction. I completely ignore all fanfics with Tsuna as the lead because it honestly CANNOT make sense to expect a Japanese teenager who is barely knowledgeable in his own language - especially one as dumb and pathetic as Tsuna (even if part caused by his flames being sealed, we will never know) to suddenly become able to lead an Italian mafia family and all the political/economics/social aspects and relations therein.

Just the fact that tsuna’s dying will was to confess to a girl who he’s barely spoken a word to Makes this all so moronic I want to bang my head against a wall. Reborn might be able to get tsuna to be stronger but not to instill all of the knowledge of leading a familia which is harder to navigate than a company.

Is Tsuna able to become the CEO of Amazon? Apple? Of course not! The shareholders and board would have laughed till they rolled on the ground. And his guardians are ALSO KIDS and stupid, impulsive ones at that. Utter disaster

Nono and Iemitsu really need to just shuttle off the mortal coil yesterday
6/7 c132 yochan123
I just LOVE that Luna created Pokémon and super Mario stuff lol and giving ppl Pokémon like Omg I would stay in her territory to hang out with them
6/7 c3 yochan123
Rita skeeter is so right in this case. Wizarding GB be doomed

Dumbledore being an opportunistic glory-hound who preferred not to get his hands dirty but still take credit for everything
totally true
6/7 c2 yochan123
Dumbledore hahaha never even asked him if he was a death eater. Horrible bastard
6/7 c1 yochan123
Wow already this is so interesting like with James discovering the potion explosions possibly causing problems and so forth. Little butterfly’s wings!
5/28 c334 Alitaher003
Man, feels weird to have fully caught up to this.. I do look forwards to any updates, even though its been almost 2 years since this was posted. 3
5/10 c206 3amour de vin
I am pretty sure that I've asked already, but it would be amazing if there would be a fic or series that involved a lot more Tyrant down the road. He is such an interesting, yet enigmatic figure and I would love to read more of him.
Thank you so very much for creating such excellent work!
5/4 c20 Guest
Just thought to let you know, the term “Aborigines” used in this chapter is not really socially/politically correct. It’s not an outright horrible racist thing, but it has connotations. No harm done if you don’t know this, just wanted to tell you.
4/30 c18 PotterAlice
Still sad that Dorea didn't get Hedwig but I do understand you had a different idea for an animal companion.
4/25 c334 quaff
I’ve loved this story since you started it and read many times. Thanks for writing it.
4/24 c1 Guest
Can I review without signing in? Sitting down with a snack and doing a happy reread. O adore this fic, the premise, the language, this will be my 3rd time through.
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