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6/5/2018 c3 Guest
I have this daydream of Percy dying and the years later he's back and he just WAKES UP, WALKS OUT, IGNORING THE PROTESTS OF ANNABETH AND GOES TO THE DINNING AREA (LUNCH TIME) AND FUCKING YELLS, "SUP' BITCHES! I'M BACK, SMOKING GRASS, AND KICKING ASS!" and then he get crushed by everyone in hugs. LOLOL HAAAHHAHAHAH :D
1/27/2016 c3 3Gummienummie
Updates are needed
4/20/2015 c3 Divergent Demigod Shadowhunter
Oh my gods! That's amazing! Please tell me that's not the end!
10/16/2014 c1 Matt
Maybe Nico could be married to Will in this story?
10/11/2014 c3 Athenachild101
NO she should not have a new boyfriend! if Percy died there is NO WAY she would ever date anyone else, after what they went through. That would be really OOC
10/8/2014 c3 Matt
No to the Annie(short for you know who), my previous suggestions, and Percy know has super healing.
10/7/2014 c3 Guest
new boyfriend would add drama...
10/7/2014 c3 S'Tidey
No, don't give a boyfriend. That would just be stupid. However, I think I have an idea. Maybe, the god of Death, gave him this favor since he saved him, and Hades agreed.
10/7/2014 c3 hailstorm12
no please dont let her have a boyfriend, but if u do then let it be that the boyfriend is only using annabeth, somehow make it quick in this part!
sorry i dont know how to let him be alive but u could do is that, u can add chaos in it...make percy his apprentice(meaning percy will have to live forever and if u dont already have a way to make them the same age, u could do that by (percy being chaos' apprentice) able to change his age!)
hope i was helpful! this isnt detailed i know but if u like the idea i could always offer to help you...
percy can be made alive by the will of chaos and who will dare cross chaos?
it was a good chapter and the occ annabeth isnt that bad, its good a chnage
10/4/2014 c1 Matt
Here's the reason for my aging potion/spell idea which I gave you in my last post. Even though some teenagers marry others older then them there's usually a age difference of a few years(2-5), but since Percy Jackson is seventeen in this one and his Wise Girl is in her twenties I think it would be better if there was a way to get Percy to the age he'd be after twenty years. You don't have to do this idea if you want to.
10/4/2014 c2 Matt
Sorry about my last post, I was in a bad mood. P.S. I've got two ideas for this story. 1. After a few chapters you could have Percy age to the age he'd be after ten years by some sort of potion or something. and 2. Nico could confess his secret.
10/3/2014 c2 Sarah
Amazing next chapter please.
10/3/2014 c2 musicforlife
10/1/2014 c1 Matt
It should be you since your a sick little freak! I bet you lied about hating to write Percy's death! I hope all of your friends and family members die on your birthday! I mean how will the original seven defeat the new threat if Percy is dead!?
10/1/2014 c1 AnonymousChase
Really good start. Chaos would be a really cool threat for them to face. I really enjoyed reading this (in a wierd, sad way, poor percy) :-(
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