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for Days to Come

5/8 c22 cameron1812
Can't believe how much I love this story. More than words. It's just a slice of heaven!
4/26 c22 K
Very enjoyable story. Not all sugar coated, and with a nice bit of drama as well.
3/24 c20 Venus914
It was sanctioned by the Ministry. Do you think McGonagall would have flouted the regulations?
3/24 c20 Venus914
It waan't on his record? They should have asked and not assumed.
3/24 c18 Venus914
she shouldn't assume. They should have asked in the background checks.

When nurses asked for history, they ask a lot of questions.
3/24 c18 Venus914
It's actually Daphne's fault. She should have asked if Harry has uses Time Turners before.
2/19 c3 30DalkonCledwin
I’m sorry, but aren’t Unspeakables supposed to keep their identities a secret since they are, well, Unspeakable?
2/19 c1 DalkonCledwin
You know, this is perhaps the first time I have ever seen someone deal with the issues Harry was doubtlessly facing after that war in a manner such as this.
1/31 c1 Jason R Shelton
there is no problem with trusting when you know that everyone's going to betray you.
1/11 c22 odonnellzoo99
Still a very good read the second time.
1/7 c8 Joeygx
Hey there,

I thought I'd write you a short review as your writing is pretty good and you deserve some feedback.

Generally, this'd be one of the better post-Hogwarts stories I've read until now, but I often seem to lose focus while reading, which is untypical for me. This is not because your FF is badly written or your characters aren't believable, no, it's because there is just not much happening plot wise. I'm normally fine with a slowly developing plot line and a slow burn romance but - for some reason - your story just fails to keep me entertained. There is simply not much exciting stuff happening, to be perfectly blunt.

So, all in all, good writing, nice character development, but you should work on tightening the plot.

Just my humble opinion.
10/6/2020 c22 simonmountney
This was lovely :)
9/10/2020 c22 alexmaldonado4355
I liked this story a lot, I read through it in a day. But, it felt kind of... anti-climactic. There was an explanation of the feelings everyone had when Harry left, but it was pretty shallow I think. There should have been more there, a different intensity. But, this was still a great story and a fun read.
8/22/2020 c22 odonnellzoo99
Very good story. I guess we are to assume that they all live happily ever after.
Thank you for sharing.
7/7/2020 c4 George1892
I can't imagine that while Harry and his friends were fighting and dying to try to save the world, while his godson lost both his parents and while Fred died that Harry would be interested in someone who never picked a side and after getting her sister safe from the final battle decided not to come back (like Slughorn's Slytherins) because she couldn't be arsed. He should be chucking her out the door.
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