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for Abusing Love

7/22/2019 c20 YaoiFanGirl6767
Late to the Party...what does Girsha have on Levi? Missing something? Totally confused.
7/17/2019 c6 YaoiFanGirl6767
Holy Freckled Jesus! Why Eren? Why? **hard cry**
7/17/2019 c3 YaoiFanGirl6767
WTF...Levi is taking directions from Grisha!? (Mind exploding)
6/17/2017 c26 4IrisPatton
This story is really great! The ending felt a lil rushed but other than that it was amazing! Maybe you could write a one shot series on how Levi n Eren adjusted in that one year and after the wedding? It would be great! Thanks for sharing this awsum story with us!
6/16/2017 c18 IrisPatton
This chapter is really strong -for the lack of better word- how Eren reacts, how he forces himself to believe that Levi didn't hurt him, it shows how an actual person clings to the belief that their loved ones can't be wrong. I also like how Levi reacted to the situation and Eren's past. Great work. Keep it up!
6/11/2017 c25 Anonymousfangirl
How dare you? How could you? Jk your story is great but seriously why?
6/11/2017 c24 Anonymousfangirl
6/11/2017 c20 Anonymousfangirl
This is going to sound cheesy and creepy but Oh well. I know you have posted this years ago and you are probably better now, but I hope you feel well. Your story is amazing and you are or where doing a great job channeling your depression like this. I can't say I relate but the few small times I would get anxious were horrible and I can't imagine how it would feel for you. I really hope you read this and even if you are better now I hope you stay strong.
3/20/2017 c26 Guest
Very good story! Lot of feels! But I really like this story thank you for making it :)
8/17/2016 c26 S.K.O. I am
This was and is a wonderfully written story and I am so happy that it ended happily and that I got a chance to read it, you are a wonderful author never quit writing. Thanks so much for writing this. :}
8/17/2016 c25 S.K.O. I am
I'm sure everything turns out alright, . . . Right?
8/17/2016 c24 S.K.O. I am
Poor Eren why have tortured him so.
8/17/2016 c23 S.K.O. I am
8/17/2016 c22 S.K.O. I am
Another cliffhager. :{ How dare you. Just kidding :
8/17/2016 c21 S.K.O. I am
He got onto a car accident no.
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