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10/19/2017 c10 Guest
This is a really great story with excellent writing, I do hope you continue it!
8/16/2016 c2 871-1 Marines
I understand Gale canonically ended up with a fancy job, but why would Paylor make him an intelligence Director? Coin is one thing, especially given the sheer hatred Gale showed for those loyal to Snow, but Gale isn't really the kind of person Paylor would nominate for this kind of work. Seriously, I would not trust someone like Gale with the Panemanian equivalent of the CIA or FBI. Even without his more controversial actions, Gale was a grunt whose only example of leadership came from directing the survivors of District 12. And considering how he went along with Katniss's idiotic assassination attempt, I wouldn't trust him with a squad, let alone an intelligence agency.
As for District Two becoming the new capital of Panem-was it to appease the Loyalists or something?
Decent premise, but my enthusiasm has died for THG due to severed ties and the godforsaken mess that was MJ2. Good luck with this.
4/10/2016 c1 Sea
This is such a great story. Looking forward to the next chapters!
3/2/2016 c10 8DamnDonnerGirls
CLIFFHANGER! I'm looking forward to finding out more about Thrax, but I'm also thankful that Gale and Madge are safe and haven't been separated... for now.

I'd like them to address the kiss (!) at some point, but given the situation it's not exactly the priority right now. "Everyone else found her maimed mouth disgusting"—now I'm wondering who else has kissed, or tried to kiss, Maggie before. And maybe those people found her mouth disgusting, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are Capitolites who actually fetishize it.
2/10/2016 c10 5Belle453
I loved the chapter...love this side of Gale and so happy to see him happy. The kiss (which I loved, btw) caught me a little by surprise...would love to know what was going through his head.

I understand you're going to finish the other story, but you can't leave this here...:(. I hope you'll be back to this soon.

Hope all is well with the sickness and stuff.
2/8/2016 c10 8ForFutureReference
I'm glad you mention how Gale helped Hazelle with the laundry and how that affects the way he treats clothes. I imagine that all of the Hawthornes know their way around fabrics and the proper way of treating them, from cleaning to repair. Come to think of it, Gale knowing how to sew would also tie into his proficiency with making snares.
... Though now I'm imagining the Hawthorne boys making fashion commentary during Capitol broadcasts.

That's a nice bit of thought you put in the guns (and I'm glad you started by going into safety rules).
And yeah, it's implied in the books that guns are conventional arms that launch gunpowder-powered bullets; however, there would still be a bit of advancement (though both the cataclysm and the stagnant nature of tyrannies could serve as dampening measures to technological progress in that field even if centuries pass from now).

Well looks like things may be heating up again. And I'm not just talking about between the two kids from Twelve.

Hope things are better with you.
2/8/2016 c10 Guest
Always well worth the wait!
2/8/2016 c10 6Hawtsee
What a great chapter. It was so nice to see Madge and Gale getting closer and being able to spend some quality time together - even if that did involve shooting guns. It's great to see how willing Gale is to help Madge find a way to get her confidence back and regain a sense of control in her life. He's very considerate to her. Probably a bit early for kissing, I think, considering. But I'm not complaining.

And then the tense ending when Madge saw the person on the porch. Really nail-biting.

So glad to see you're posting this fic again.
2/7/2016 c10 11Solaryllis
The shooting lesson felt empowering for Madge - I'm glad she's prepping to be able to protect herself. And I'm curious if Gale missed his first target because he'd been flustered by her? ;) I liked the mutual awkwardness of their kiss and how we the reader know what their individual reasons are, but they the characters aren't on the same page.

Ack, cliffhanger right before you announce you won't be updating for a while! :( Sending you fast-writing vibes! (Or if you're like me, free time vibes.)
2/7/2016 c10 6Chalayne
Love this fic. Love that Gale kissed Maggie!
10/16/2015 c9 5Belle453
Happy Belated Gadge Day to you too! So nice to see Maggie stick up for Gale and start to come around to him. Also, glad to see Gale realize he is in trouble. Can't wait for more.
10/10/2015 c9 8DamnDonnerGirls
Even after the rebellion, Madge's still all about those newspapers! I loved that callback to the books. "Panem Circuses" is a great name for a glossy Capitol magazine.

The Avox reunion made me so happy, for lots of different reasons. It's so bittersweet to think that Madge never really had "people" before she was Avoxed. I had to laugh when Arach asked if Irene was Madge's maid—finally, an Avox is being waited on, instead of the other way around. But you were also quick to remind us of the challenges they still face; I especially enjoyed their sarcastic references to getting singing gigs (not), and to the rebellion giving them their tongues back (NOT).

Of COURSE I loved Tares sparking some jealousy in Madge. Great detail about eavesdropping being different when it comes to a conversation conducted in sign language.

On one hand I'm excited about Madge learning self-defense, but on the other hand I'm also very anxious about this impending separation.

Great update!

P.S. Even though we've talked about it a few times, I don't think I ever greeted you, so even though it's very late... happy Gadge Day! Thanks for the shoutout to GFR too :)

P.P.S. "Hell's teeth" will never die. :)
10/10/2015 c9 6Hawtsee
I love this. Love how Gale and Madge are slowly forming a friendship.
10/9/2015 c9 Solaryllis
I'm so excited for Madge and Katniss to see each other again, and for Madge to see Delly. Those were nice moments with Madge and the Avoxes, I could really see the bond among them. (Her pre-jealousy about Gale was also cute.) I love how determined Madge is! Question: was there a reason she was only looking for her mother's name on that list? (Maybe something you explained already and I forgot...)
10/9/2015 c9 1MsCassity
As always, amazing flow to the story and so easy to get right back into their lives. Thank you for the updates and look forward to many more!
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