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8/20/2017 c2 ksatria
Are you stop writing this story?
11/25/2014 c2 2chenle
Loved it! Things are intense already, which I like since sometimes SYOCs take forever to start up since they're introducing all the charries first. Polly's so cute! and Saige is cool, not afraid to speak her mind. Whoa, I wonder what's happening with Celina... And I like how you threw in just a couple extra charries. Blue and Red, heh. Good job again, and good luck writing the next chappie! Yep, I'm gonna have to hop on the bandwagon and say that I'd like shorter chappies and more updates better. Alright, byee! :3
11/25/2014 c1 chenle

anyways, hi! i *finally* read this, and this chappie was *not* horrible, it was good! (well, except for the part where the seven fail but that doesn't make your writing bad) whoa, okay, so, gaea's in power, and she still wants to know about the seven, even though it's many years later. got it. cool! but seriously, this is good! onto the next chappie!
11/13/2014 c2 4spikey devil
Daayyuumm that was an intense cat fight, loved reading it.

I'd probably say that shorter chapters and quicker updates would be better.
11/6/2014 c2 16BellaRosa17
I do hope that Sage and Celina will be able to repair there friendship but even though Saige was wrong for what she said, so was Celina especially when you know you night have a touch of bipolar you shouldn't say those things to one of your friends. Looking forward to the next chapter.

I think shorter chapter are okay.
11/3/2014 c2 Monochrome Lollipop
I loved the chapter! Umm... Probably shorter chapters and quicker updates... But yeah great chapter, can't wait for the next one! :)
11/3/2014 c2 12heartofglass99
Awesome chapter! (: Nice story picture by the way! Love it!
Oh it was your birthday? Sorry! Happy belated birthday!
Maybe shorter chapters and faster updates? I like those better usually, and it'll keep us busy.
Anyways, pleas update soon!
10/15/2014 c1 heartofglass99
I love this story! I really wanna know how she finds the other letters! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
10/6/2014 c1 16BellaRosa17
Happy Belated Birthday! And great first chapter. Looking forward to the next chapter and loved the way you put the title! Can't wait for more :D
10/4/2014 c1 Monochrome Lollipop
Actually, I think it's great so far! Of course that's just my opinion, but still I like it! Update soon
10/3/2014 c1 Wraith's Heart
Actually, I think it was pretty good. Can't speak for anyone else, though.
Fair warning: I'm new to the PJO universe so forgive me if my OC submission contains something stupid. I'll thank you to point it out for me though.
10/3/2014 c1 Super Novelist 47
Love it 3

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