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6/19 c1 3bodyjaa
Keep the good work
12/16/2023 c71 Solphage
Well, that would likely be;
1. Final Battle Yuya vs Elliot
2. Anzel vs Elliot Big Rank-up Battle
3. Sawatari vs Ari, I am glad he got a moment
4. Leiko vs Ayu, but not quite for dueling reasons (may be Rank-Down Eliot but it's 3am and I can't recall who he first launched Infinity at)
5. En-duel with Yavix and Yggdrasil, it was more exciting than the Zarc fight in OG, and the mystery of the Yavices was finally solved; loses a few points for being the duel version of a cutscene battle but I liked it
12/16/2023 c70 Solphage
Is the Ayu/Leiko moment when they make up during their duel cheating? In no particular order, that one, Hotaru and Haruka's moment, Leo and Fusion apologizing, Elliot personally breaking free from Ari, and the self-insert being swerved with the Kirek reveal
12/16/2023 c68 Solphage
1. Anzel, his dragons are cool and with his strategy he has to really pull out the dueling when he has to actually duel
2. Leiko, the name ending always shocks me, but I like his card theme and Synchro in general; I also like that he's the most actually teenage of the Elliots, he's horny and swears for edge a bunch
3. OG/Zekaki, he's a bit of a main character and lugs the baggage of his own Zarc, Parally Performer and the mystery of Yavix make him great (as expected from a main, he's got to bounce off characters)
4. Kirek, he doesn't really do much besides the En series in this form but I liked the Yavix finale
5. Hotaru; Sir, I am booing you for your effective heel work, and not because of genuine hatred; his deck feels powerful and like it pulls stuff out of the card text you don't read, but there's a few big weaknesses that make you feel that it's strategy and could go either way, and he's a vicious maniac similar to Battle Beast or Yuuri, which makes you really want to see him go down
12/13/2023 c65 Solphage
Ari is in my opinion a better tragic madman than Hotaru, she actually lost a person before going insane; her deck that comes online basically whenever she wants which hurts basically all the time builds some heat
12/13/2023 c63 Solphage
OG Elliot: you tell me
Li/Leiko: Oden from One Piece
Anzel: a serious and sweet girl, constantly plays harmonica
Hotaru: angery blond samurai girl
12/12/2023 c62 Solphage
Zevrakex is right, and also similar unity style; he'd run entities if he could
12/12/2023 c60 Solphage
Vs Anzel, I like the dragons and Anzel actually trying; Hotaru has a lot of heat especially with his lost love, it's like how Gon felt about a certain group
12/12/2023 c59 Solphage
Ari finally getting crunched, and not just because hos diet Kashtiras finally went down but because Sawatari finally had a moment
12/12/2023 c58 Solphage
With how overpowered true Elliot's deck is (still not as op as some modern ones) I'm kind of cursing all his overlay units; for the question, though, I liked the 5 dragon frenzy vs Eliot
12/12/2023 c56 Solphage
He may have lost his one person, and then turned and did the same or worse to everyone he could get his hands on; I still think he's Elliot's Dark Soul
12/12/2023 c55 Solphage
Arc-V is the Mass Effect of Yugioh; good at the start, bad with the ending , though Synchro and Fusion both could have been much better
12/9/2023 c45 Solphage
So, I have to ask (C.45), is Ryo going to swap teams, become the Heaven Kaiser, and take up the Hyperlight Dragons?
5/14/2023 c71 3Dbfanandcritic
This story has long since been over, and I doubt the author cares for a random out of the blue review, But I'm gonna say this.
I really enjoy this fanfiction, I enjoy Elliot and the dimensional counterparts. I enjoy all of the custom arctypes and cards. I Like a lot of the duels.
But holy crap does it feel like a majority of the time, Elliot and the other oc's or Dimension character's this fanfic brings up, might as well not be there. Elliot doesn't change the plot in many significant way's and anytime he does canon course corrects hard.

It feels like ultimatly the only time Elliot does stuff of note is when it's Original plot focused.
And Canon proceeds as planned with almost no real changes. Now IIRC this came out as Arc-v as airing, which fair you can't change a whole lot since you have no clue what it will effect Cross-vrains had that issue you changed so much while it was airing that the story became a potential trian wreck waiting to happen. But it still feels like a detrament when this feels like Arc-v is barely affected by several entierly new character's. And what' makes it worst is some character's who get shafted in Arc-v get shafted here due to this. The bracelet girls being the biggest example, as all of them are still damsel in distresses with little change to what happens to them.

BTW As for top 5 duels

Would you believe me if I said Ari vs Shingo was unironically my favorite one?
Truely it was the shingo moment we never got in the original, where it truely calls him out, and he takes it, and then bounces back in a beautiful way, genuinly making for a great reading experience. as well as proving why he's on the lancers in the first place, unlike the original show where he did not win a single duel that mattered. despite my complaint with this story, this is however a place it shines, the original story parts giving character's a potential to shine when they couldn't in canon.

Yuya vs Elliot's final duel was also pretty damn great to read, with so much back and forth, a genuinly happy ending, and a genuinly unpredictable outcome.

Elliot Vs Rey Great characterizing moment's giving the bracelet girls a genuine moment to shine despite what canon did, Despite the ship sinking of Selena and Elliot. It was also great to see Haruto rip into Selena.

Elliot Vs haruto round 1 a genuinly brutal and terrifying duel. the surprise of Elliot having a dimensional counterpart, and the unvail of HorReapers. which unironically are just flat out the favorite arctype that came from this story for me. Even if it's cut short it's still very clear how Haruto never once lost control of the duel. Truely setting up the Trials Elliot will have to overcome.

Haruto vs Leiko Ie what Yuri vs Yugo SHOULD have been. A great clash between fusion and Synchro, and while Leiko dying feels kinda similaer to Yuri and the plot beats feel a bit similar to Arc V it's still a great duel, with a light fake out ending, and good pacing. It also wasjust Haruto vs Leiko instead of Yuri vs Yugo which had Kite and Aster interupt.

(I ordered the duels form my favorite to "least" favorite. But all the duels listed are great.
4/20/2023 c42 8The Fathomless Singularity
Sawatari is Malfoy?!
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