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for Black Ice

12/15/2020 c9 Guest
When will you return to this story? I love it.
11/15/2020 c9 4ninjagirlA2O
Are you planning to include frozen 2? That would amazing if jack and the guardians found out that Elsa is a living spirit
11/5/2020 c9 martinez.emmac
Update soon this is amazing
9/28/2020 c2 APerson
No matter what you say Jack's hair did not grow.
8/12/2020 c9 DrakoJ
I like reading this story.
8/12/2020 c2 DrakoJ
I would very much love it, if Jack Frost kept his waist-length hair.
7/9/2019 c5 6XoMidnightXo
I didn't finish this chapter but I totally agree...I mean we came so far in technology yet we don't have a game like SAO
7/8/2019 c9 11Mukuro234
12/31/2018 c2 Guest
fucking shit don't read
9/6/2018 c2 Guest
My son does nothing but read this from morning till night. Why?
8/7/2018 c2 Minato
Alright dude da hell man. First 2 chapters of complete nonsense why didn't you start the reaction earlier.
6/27/2018 c1 Guest
Can you please make another lime chapter
5/19/2018 c9 Guest
Make another chapter and have gohan wear different clothes
5/14/2018 c9 Lil tye 504
Make another lime chapter
5/11/2018 c9 14Lunapok
I think you improved and I'm happy to see a new chapter!~~ :3 Thank you for updating!~
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