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for Never Give Me A Marriage Law Challenge

6/13 c7 bahnannah
Molly drives me batty. I think even my mother, who rarely told anyone how to parent their children unless they were genuinely asking or just so far off the wall that it was necessary, would have told molly where to step off. Especially when it came to Harry and Sirius. Oh you better believe that had my mom, all 5 foot nothing, came up against the staff of hogwarts, it would have been them who straightened up. She could have cowed Voldemort and his death eaters with a look.
5/23 c1 19EdTheBeast
A must read marriage law story! You will love it! A great story teller and story!
4/20 c14 4Steve-Arkarian
I definitely enjoyed reading this story. However, I do kind of wish that there was more Luna and Greg and also a bit more of Neville.
4/11 c14 redleg319
Great story!
3/10 c14 A German guest
Quite the twist you've been putting on the story! Interesting how Draco put his father's influence behind. Good for Ron that he finally grew up. Sad for Millicent who apparently didn't quite get both feet on the ground again - she could use some counsel, too, it seems. I guess they could have made it work even despite having been forced in the first place. Strange how Angelina (suddenly?) wanted to make Fred respectable - were there no signs before? Some open ends, but if you'd resolve them, the story would probably lose some of its charm.
2/19 c14 FriendlyFire59
This was a really fun character driven story. It also brought up the glaring question of 'What was HRH government doing while all that was going on?

Thanks for posting.
1/21 c14 10brady66
Poor Millie. Jerk off Ron gets the girl and the good ark and she gets screwed over and forgotten
1/21 c6 brady66
I thought Blaise went to Daphne...now she’s with Theo
10/4/2020 c14 MrsFH
This may be my favorite marriage law story ever. Thanks!
9/29/2020 c14 K
A very pleasant and enjoyable story.
9/26/2020 c14 Guest
8/21/2020 c14 c.karen09
I think you portrayed everyone similar to how I would. I would prefer a closer relationship for the twins, but I can understand where you were coming from with Fred. I enjoyed this very much, and am on my way to your page to see what else you have to offer. Thanks for writing!
8/21/2020 c12 c.karen09
I don't know why anyone would stay in the magical world who wasn't a pureblood. Having no rights, only the lowest jobs, and no voice doesn't make that world sound too inviting. I'm anxious to see what Her Majesty has in store for the inbred masses. Thanks for writing!
8/1/2020 c14 119Shorty
What a wonderful story it
5/1/2020 c7 2oSpxrrow
I sort of agree with your description of Molly. She's a good person but doesn't have her priorities straight, like Dumbledore (though I like bashing Dumbledore more). But she's also a hypocrite. In Book 4 (GoF), she goes off on Amos Diggory because he's mad at Skeeter for not talking about Cedric, therefore sort of believing Skeeter. But then Molly turns right around and believes Skeeter about the love triangle. I still love your stories. Keep up the good work!
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