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for Goodbye Means Forgetting

9/1 c40 6bellarose-riddle
"something about FLOWERS and GLOWING"

i love it.
8/29 c51 Guest
I'm so happy those chapter came out missed this story. This should definitely be posted on ao3. Your writing is amazing.
8/28 c51 Alison92
I missed this story! Please update again soon.
8/27 c2 bellarose-riddle
The fact that Lily's cursed name in full is Lillian Piper Gold. Perfection.
(also yes, the last update made me want to read this all over again...again)
8/26 c51 3The Knight Shadow Ash
I am so very happy that you finally updated. I stumbled upon all of your stories recently and binge read all of them. It was amazing. I was devastated when I saw it had been so long since you updated. Although, it has been a crazy last few years. I just wanted to say thank you for this story. I can see how much your writing has evolved since you started and I hope you continue to pursue the art; whether it be with this or not. The way you write Lily is amazing. Part of me forgot she wasn't an actual character in the show and was confused when she was missing from some of the episodes that I rewatched recently. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to know how Lily gets the cuff off and the hell she is going to bring to Peter for his actions in this chapter. I hope you are doing well and am looking forward to reading more from you (hopefully) soon!

PS I had to go through a whole process of figuring out my account information in order to post this review. It was worth it in every way. You deserve more respect than my just reviewing as a guest. Thank you for relighting my love for this site and the people on it
8/26 c51 1Demi.Wizard-Percabeth.Lover
OMG. Thank you so much for the update! From time to time, I will sometimes go back and reread this, “Say You’ll Remember” and “No One Escapes.” This is without a doubt my favorite OUAT story. So, thank you very much for coming back to it after all this time. I hope you’re doing well, and can only wish you’ll keep updating this story in the near future. <3
8/26 c51 Feyraelin
Long time now see! I am excited to see how this plays out!
8/26 c51 6bellarose-riddle
Helloooo again!
I must admit my life got 100000 times better when I woke up to see you had updated, I had missed your updates. And I hope you are doing well
The way everything is so well prepared for shit to go down on the next chapter scares me, mostly because Peter is right: after what he has done Lily will be sooo pissed. But it was nice to hear her say that she can't choose between Peter and Henry because she loves them both, obviously, because it will only make whatever happens next even more angsty. You did say you were changing some things this time around (and I've been picking up on some of those) but I'm actually terrified to see how the final showdown in Neverland will go!
I am also terribly biased because I love Henry... but...
It really was something to hear Peter voice his worry that Lily might have found someone else she loves more than him. Even with Bae I don't think he felt that way at the end of the day. Then again, with Bae the choice Lily had to make wasn't to save one and let the other die.
The stakes are so high and I'm so hyped.
Your prose remains unmatched, and I can never get enough of it. I'm a fan, what can I say. Too far down the rabbit hole after all these years to go back nowAgain, I hope you are doing well, and that maybe your muse is back and you have the time to pay attention to her and update soon? One can only wish. You know I'll wait however long, though.
All the love
8/25 c51 1baratta.jennifer
Worth waiting for.
8/25 c51 peterpanlover
I am so excited you posted again. I loved the motions that you were able to make me feel during this chapter. The heartbreak of Peter and lily as they bot want to be together, but lily won't stand by and let Henry die for that but Peter won't stand by and let her stop it. The pure rage lily felt is so realistic and like I said before, the way you write these characters truly makes it seem like they are in the show. When I watch he show I think about lily fits in a certain episode or how Peter would make an appearance. Tha k you for continuing to provide us with entertai ment and for putting so much time and effort into your writing xx
8/25 c51 3Artemisieh 2
omg it’s back!
7/29 c1 peterpanlover
Also the way you write the characters expressions and emotions is so impressive. It truly helps tell the stories and lets the reader into their own mindset more than the show could!
7/29 c50 peterpanlover
I remember the first time I read Say You'll Remember and was instantly hooked. I then read no one escapes and instantly loved both. I then looked more on your page and saw that you has posted this story and that you had recently updated. I started reading it round about the Grumpy chapter and got really excited whenever I would see that you updated. The way you wrote lily was so incredible. You brought her to life. I could easily see Lily fitting right into the show with no issue. I loved that you took the time to write the chapters as the episodes but still able to incorporate Lily and Peter into them. I love that you have never rushed anything and have always paced the story out well. Again it made it feel like it was part of the show. You never included Peter where it wouldn't make sense. I wish I could go back and read the story for the first time. I always got that excited feeling when I would see that Peter was making an appearance or that we were getting an interaction between Lily and Peter, I also love how realistic you made the characters. Of course Lily loves Peter. But she also has a life in storybrooke and a family with those in there. When she was talking to Neal about how once she would have given anything to Neverland but now she wasn't so Sure. And then when you wrote how Lily was frustrated that she so easily feel back into her routine with Peter was so amazing. Of course she would be happy to be back initially as that was all she wanted at one point in her life. But then she came back to reality and realised that she had to help Henry. She got swept up in the moment. I CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS STORY. I hope one day you finish the story but know that those that truly care about the story are hoping that you are okay and taking all the time you need. You put so much time into all your stories and it is truly admirable. xxx
12/25/2021 c48 6bellarose-riddle
Rereading once again and I love this so so so so so much
11/23/2021 c50 3BiancaGracePotterEverdeen
This is an awesome story! Lily is really well written! Can't wait to read more
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