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for Sparkle and Shine

8/7/2010 c1 Guest
You s uck! Poetry s ucks! Hinata s ucks!
12/21/2008 c1 43RanMouri82
This is actually a song by Econoline Crush called "Sparkle and Shine". If you want to share how this song reminds you of Joey, post a commentary on a blog. Posting lyrics like this makes people falsely believe you wrote it.
9/16/2008 c1 wishingsky18
ok... poems...ok i gues...-_- not as great as my fav story which youu don't know about...oh yeah, how do you post a story?

5/17/2007 c1 23Mr. Wizard
I'm so ignorant of so many other stories and shows, but I know how to appreciate a good set of images and feelings. You've got that here.
3/14/2007 c1 hm
your summary uses grammar incorrectly.
8/15/2006 c1 3Glasshearted Amy
hey it reminds me of a song like high school's musical, anyway it's pretty good review mine!
11/19/2002 c1 9yami no hikari
lol! I had planned to use this song in a fic I'm writing but couldn't find the lyrics. Thanks! ^_^
11/19/2002 c1 Rey Rey
Nice poetry :)

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