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3/2/2020 c2 Selene
me reading this “WHO THE FUCK IS MARIJANE AND LAUXUAS! It’s spelt Mirajane and laxus Wait a second...(or three) I kind of Ship Mira and laxus so... TWINSIES! They match they are made for each other
7/10/2018 c1 redmont
so its said that she is his twin but two years older?
2/18/2018 c6 Guest
Well I love this story so far and I have already given ideas in the chapter before this one So plz don't give up yet
2/18/2018 c5 Guest
Hm that Natsu once got bet up by a bird for stealing their eggs , Natsumi tripping and accidentally kissing Natsu , both falling into a cold water with all their caught fish swimming away Good enough?
2/18/2018 c2 Guest
Question : Why is Igneel wanting Natsu but the other dragon slayers dragons not?
5/23/2017 c6 Ember Montgomery
I really am enjoying this book! I hope you keep writing this book because it is awesome. Thank you for writing the story.
12/9/2015 c2 8lunarmochiii
I love the Skyrim reference. well done.
11/25/2015 c6 Guest
um well natsu and zeref are brothers their more than 400 years old just check the fairytail wiki and maybe youll get ideas
2/8/2015 c6 drowsyapple
NOOOO! Ah I'm sad that you may not be continuing this. But I understand that if you don't have the inspiration it's hard to write more. Please keep up the rest of your stories as I love them all! Hopefully you will continue this one day. :)
2/2/2015 c5 1Lazy American Person
...-.- Tell them about how natsu wouldn't let his sister leave his sight after their mam's death
12/7/2014 c5 Kiabil
natsu's potty training
natsu and natsuki in the same bath tub or falling into lava fighting over something that is completely ridiculous
Wendy's first crush
Gajeel's dreams from when he was younger
Natsu's dreams from when he was younger
Natsuki's first crush, kiss, and date
11/26/2014 c5 drowsyapple
I think embarrassing moments where Natsu isn't as strong/manly as he is around Gray and people. Like Igneel catching him dancing to something or singing badly. Not a very good idea...
I hope you get better soon anyway! :)
11/25/2014 c5 1XxFairytail dreamerxX
Ok I have three embarrassing stories.
(Age 5)
One time I was at the store with my parents, and I wondered off to the candy aisle. When I went back to where I last saw my parents. And couldn't find them so I ran down the aisles looking for them, when I spotted them talking to the counter clerk. I ran towards them and fell on the ground face first. And everyone was looking at me.

(Age 6)

Me and my sister were playing hair dress up when she told me to cut her hair and I cut one of her pigtails off. It was embarrassing for her since we were at play school some kids laughed, at me and her. Me for actually thinking it was a real haircut, and her for only having one pigtail.

This one is about my brother
(He was 7)

There was this Winnie the Pooh stuffed bear, and it made calm soft music each time u squeezed his tummy. Anyways each time he would hear the noise he started to cry and screamed for mommy. So we were at a party when my cousin pulled the bear out and squeezed it. My brother started crying and screaming, it was so embarrassing after he calmed down his face was all red when he saw people staring at him.

Hope this helps byee
11/11/2014 c4 7HanyouExorcistAlchemist48
Gah! I cant wait to see all the dragons!
11/10/2014 c4 drowsyapple
Cool chapter! Maybe you could have igneel talk about when Natsu was younger? If igneel was really overprotective of Natsu it would be funny...
Update soon! Please!
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