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8/2/2022 c1 Random Person
Ok first of of all i cant express how much i love this and i probly never will but i can try... I have shipped tremily for so long and i also ship Navin and Aly so yeah im a shippy person but tremily has parted the clouds and brought me sanity ! Alos id love to see a part 2 somtime so keep up the great work!
8/7/2017 c1 Sandyodin
More write moooooorrrreee!
9/10/2015 c1 lady grey
awwww the ending is so adorable
10/29/2014 c1 LAdolphingirl
Okay, honestly, this is REALLY GOOD for just a short story. I love it, honestly.

There is a great feel to it, and it just EVER SO SLIGHTLY hints Tremily, yet they seem to be friends. similarly to the books. There ARE a few grammar and punctuation mistakes in this, though I don't expect it to be PERFECT. I think this is amazing, and I honestly love it. You've done a marvelous job on this!
10/7/2014 c1 66Fireember345
I like it, could you do one where Emily Fractured her leg and is not allowed to leave her bed for a week for it to completely heal?

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