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9/18 c37 JinaMas
I'm not angry at you. I think your story is good. That good that I'm angry AT HICCUP being an Idiot, being In-character-Idiot, not angry at you for writing this him holding the Idiot-Ball like some Turians in Mass Effect Fanfiction or some bashed or badly written Character in some other fanfictions. You made a (very) good In-character-Character-Idiot, not some sudden! Hiccup-The Death-eater-Idiot.

So, to recapitulate:
1) I'm NOT angry at YOU for Hiccup incapable of telling his Father the Red Queen is so f**** big that Stoick-could-walk-into-her-Nose-Big and so f** strong (they need a small nuke to deal with it) that his battlefleet will look like some angry ants biting its toes, and that the next best comparison would be the Midgard-snake-Jormungand-Big
2) I'm angry at Hiccup for being of the Stoick-line, Stoick for being Stoick, and Astrid/Gobber not having the Chance to slap some Reason into them all. Or Thor sending some Brains into his Vikings.
8/30 c43 Idtswwf82
God this was one of the best ff I’ve ever read, you are one of the VERY few (I’ll say max 3) writers that set my standards for ff so high that I can’t enjoy other writers anymore. Like after reading this most ff will sound so mediocre. But I thank you for this. It was truly an emotional roller coaster and it was mesmerising how well you described the characters’ emotions, relationships and mental health it felt so real so CANON. Especially Hiccup and Stoic’s relationship. Truly a work of art.
8/16 c43 2LG MAAT
Thank you for a wonderful story and I hope you found the car you wanted.
6/24 c43 MichaelCCC98
This is one of the best fics I have ever read in my 6 years of reading. Pacing is great, brilliant plot, tension was thrilling. Smut was also A. Treasure.
5/17 c43 detsalb
this is one of those first that after I read it I can't stop thinking about it and how I wish I could read it again and experience it again. love the deep moments the hurt and comfort. the conflict and emotional trauma. all of it came off as very genuine and logical I love the way the characters act not forgiving easily and standing their ground with logic. 10/10
5/1 c43 f
fuck me daddy
4/29 c43 OblivionTower
Man. F*ck you. F*uck you for writing a story so god damn good that I’d rather mess up my sleep and not study during finals week to read it. Thank you for creating one of the best stories I’ve ever read.
4/22 c43 shamelessmari
Wow great story! The ending for me was perfect. Thank you for writing this pretty amazing story.
4/13 c43 Chickems
i never really review, but this deserves it. Hats off to you for a incredible story! Well done!
4/8 c42 1Crusada de Lata
Jesus christ lol some people really don't want them to have a kid after all they've gone through? Yikes. Well personal matters aside, a very satisfying and good read. The drama had me on the verge of pulling hairs, yet it made the good times ever sweeter. Hope you have a good one chief.
4/8 c40 Crusada de Lata
Man that emotional climax. I can't believe it's been 40 chapters already
4/8 c28 Crusada de Lata
Good work man, I can't stomach contrived drama, but all of this feels natural and just how all these people with different hurts in life would react. Hats off to you
3/26 c43 6The Fox Sage
fantastic story,im pretty new to reading in this fandom but great story
3/26 c43 The Fox Sage
fantastic story
2/25 c13 3ScrubLordSupreme
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