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3/15/2015 c1 celisc
Wow! I could read the story of this family forever! Really nice, thank you :)
10/25/2014 c1 ackennedy7
LOVE! This is so great! I adore the sneakiness from the children and friends to surprise Oliver and Felicity! I missed Demons so much after I finished it, so was very happy to find this.
10/12/2014 c1 Angeldolphin01
Very sweet. I love it.
10/9/2014 c1 13Naitch03
That was very, very sweet. I loved it.
10/8/2014 c1 6NorthernLights25
This was great! I loved it. :)
10/7/2014 c1 9CBBW3words8letters
Amazing! Can't wait for S3!
10/7/2014 c1 3emilyhotchner-olicity-bethyl
damn! i love this! so cuuuuuuutttte! i want this canon!
10/7/2014 c1 sakura-blossom62
This was so adorable and I love how the kids did that for them and I loved how Connor was even nervous about it. Loved it!
10/7/2014 c1 77Sci-fi Christian
This was very sweet! Loved it! Nice to see them settling into domestic life! Great job! :)
10/7/2014 c1 Lonelywicked
I love this. Big happy family :) oh my these kids are smart hahaha
10/7/2014 c1 shes-guilty-by-design
Awww...the joys have being a parent and having wonderful kids! :)
10/7/2014 c1 Redlioness62
10/7/2014 c1 TheDuchessTab
what lovely Olicity awesomeness! Its too much! I love it!
10/7/2014 c1 babyshan211
Oh wow, I smiled so big while reading this. Great follow up:D Makes me miss Demon so much:)
10/7/2014 c1 lucy1997
Everything that is related with your story Demons is perfect for me c:
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