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11/18/2014 c1 1Chris H-M
Nice I look forward to waht hapens next whoud you plece get amove with that next part please Lightus.
11/8/2014 c1 7morgan kingsley
Okay let me tell you now. This is the first review I’ve made in nearly three months. Due to computer issues. So my reviews might be all that great. But after a while, by getting back into the swing of how it’s supposed to be done, they will get better. Now with that notice out of the way, I will get into it.

This was your top story on the list, and since you have reviewed all my stuff but five chapters of Adventure, I will pay it back by reviews you want. I will try to do all your stories sooner or later, so wait if it takes some time for a few. I ahve other stories I need to catch up on.

One thing I will point out, and it has nothig to do with spelling or grammar. But why is your story in pretty much all bold or italics? Those are to recite a message or for making a statement more imortant I don’t think it has to do with just normal story sturcture. Not a complaint, just a word of advice.

I was awfully confused by the start at all this. Why did the story have to begin on a fight scene? It gives me a stone feeling and all around left behind as I have no clue what is or was going on until much later. I would recommend starting off at least with some build up, and then doing the fight. This way, I was left with my eyes something closed. Not out of tiredness, but out of figuring this whole thing out.

Damn no copy and paste allowed on here. But let me ask a question again. What are all the capital and lower case zeros on the line? Is that showing a subject change? If it was, you could insert a horizontal line or something that they give you for a change. This is not against you personally here but when that happens, people such as myself are left wondering what the purpose of that entire line is.

Is 5000 power very high? That is more of a question about the fandom, not on your writing style of this or anything. I’m just curious so I could understand this a little better at least.

Are these people made by you who are in this event? Or are they native to the shw? I want to know just our of being curious once again so I could understand this fandom a little better. Than I could learn more and more with each story I read in this fandom and grow more used to the population of the shows, movies, mangs, video games, or whatevers fandom.

Why does it say the damage in between George and says. It says George (damage 4) says. I should be (4 damage) George says.

I am starting to feel like 5000 power isn’t very high after all, as some of these creatures are now reaching 20 thousand. So is 5000 just the start amount?

Final thoughts, I’m not quite sure myself. There where some parts I did like about it. I caught no real spelling and grammar errors, so I will hand it to you on that. Even though there were some things I stated were kind of bad to me, those were just pieces of advice for the future more than anything. Wasn’t trying to put your work down. But as I said, no spelling or grammar errors. Good job on that. Some other things I liked. I will check the next story down on your list some time. I just don’t know quite when.
10/27/2014 c1 4Drake the Neko
Alright, I haven't reviewed in so long...

Anyways, I sense little to no errors in your grammar. I'm glad you're doing well.

The cardfight scene between Mimmo and George was executed well, though the trigger sacking is a bit strong here...but that's just me.

Overall, you did a good job. I hope it continues soon.
10/23/2014 c1 4Ronin Warriors Fanatic
Sacrificing Beamankylo while it was in the stand position is a waste, other than that, good job
10/8/2014 c1 Mimmo
lol i sacked soooo hard
also when i was on grade 2 turn with 2 face up damage...all da skills i coulda used !? XD
oh well it was ok but ya kinda made me mary sue it up sacking my ass off with 4 grda e 1 rears out and all the same one lol
aside from that how u post the fights is pretty nice keeps the reader from dyeing out midway
10/7/2014 c1 8AyumixRose
Hey, this is pretty good! Even though I haven't seen the anime yet it's not that bad. I'm going to start watching it soon so i don't get lost on what is going on.

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