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12/20/2022 c22 Dasgun
1/13/2018 c1 DarkJewel55
I found this funny up to the 'Get over your dead family already!' line. I don't care if this is crack, it's ridiculously insensitive. You clearly have absolutely no idea what it's like to lose everyone you care about in one night, so shut your mouth. People automatically turn on Sasuke, and whilst he is a complete arsehole, you can't really blame him. Put yourself in his shoes. He lost his entire family in one night. That's not something you can ever 'Get over'. I mean, you're saying it like it's not as bad as Sasuke is making it out to be. He's a damaged, confused, hurt child. But back to my point. Don't say something like that, especially not as humour. I sure hope you're more tactful in real life. I get that I'm probably overreacting, but still, it's hard not to take offence. You never know if one of your readers has been through something similar, and so to them, it's like a slap in the face, and is most certainly not funny. So I hope you'll excuse me if I say I won't be reading any of your stories anymore. No offence, but I don't want to come across something like this again. It's already hard not to cry whenever I get a reminder.
9/10/2017 c13 Guest
I'll admit. This one was beautiful.
9/17/2016 c26 Daffodil
Nice as its close to an end... I really loved it... I hope u'll find time to write a multi chap SS fanfic, I see that the plot was well written and the characters were not OOC in w/c I prefer most.. Hope u'll update soon... Great job.. Thumb's up! #Long Live #SS #Writers! #Cookies for shippers out there!
9/17/2016 c24 Daffodil
I honestly do have fave chaps on here...haiisstt.. u made little Sara-chans character here so lovely and cute. And I swear to God every time that every good authors would include/attached Itachi's name and the clan's history on the story, i'm on the verge of pain and tears... Still, I'm so overwhelmed since Sasuke has found his new 'Home'... I would always love the #Uchihas... #Thankies dearest author, ur awesome...
5/1/2016 c21 Guest
Okay, you know what? I'm tired of people writing flames. This is a masterpiece, don't listen to them, this is great, keep going.
3/11/2016 c10 DarkJewel55
go to hell. seriously, go die. i was expecting fluff dammit! i didn't have enough time to shield my heart. there is a reason i don't (rarely) read angst...
3/11/2016 c5 DarkJewel55
ohmygod. I'm dying, fluff overload! girl you sure know how to hit the heavy stuff!
3/11/2016 c4 DarkJewel55
he's too obsessed with tomatoes! lol! XD
8/24/2015 c22 saradachankiller
awesome! speed bolt i wonder what is the reaction of sarada right after boruto kissed her full mouth damn it your fanfict is so perfect!
4/1/2015 c26 moonfairy014
I absolutely love everything!
2/16/2015 c26 4Sasukebiggestfan
What happened this chapter sakura was giving birth
2/13/2015 c26 5virlizzlex
Please update soon... Very soon...
1/5/2015 c26 2meg13bloodrose
i love love love this! i know that you receive some flames because of the fact that you kind of torture and make fun of sasuke in some chapters but i absolutely love it when you do that..dont get me wrong i love sasuke even though he got somewhat cray cray in the manga but seeing him manhandled and helpless against his family just makes me crack up...also, though i love sarada chan i kinda miss akira and the three hellions a bit..i think you did well creating their characters...btw my fav part was when sasuke had to dress up as sakura and he actually did her fighting pose wtf?! hahaha that was so funny...i hope you dont stop updating this and good job! XD
12/22/2014 c20 Guest
i laughed so hard at this, bravo
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