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7/4/2019 c32 ScaredUselessPillow
This story was absolutely amazing and so well written. I cried so much when reading the last two chapters, but this epilogue really helped lighten the mood and give some nice closure. I never got into war stories and I've never played games with a similar world, but I still enjoyed this story immensely.
7/19/2018 c32 2Exploding Sun
Whata a weird, intersting story. Usually rebels are the good guys and governments the bad guys but whatever. I hope you write more Naruto. I'd definetly read that.
3/21/2017 c7 Usa-chan
This is really amazing, I was reluctant on the beginning but this story grew on me.
You have really good skills, and I love the Naruhina already.
2/20/2017 c1 chaossaurus
Story seems interesting so far. Good to know it's complete, always nice to see that before starting an in current story just on the first chapter is there any influence from David Webers "in fury born"? Reminded me of drop commandos, plus drop pods. Anyway looking forward to where it goes from here.
1/7/2017 c32 3OnyxIdol
Aww, the epilog was sweet. There isn't much to add to my previous reviews. One can see that this story had nothing to do with Naruto originally, and that the two 'verses were mixed together retroactively, and, dare I say, somewhat randomly? I feel there is a great divide between this and the source material(as far as I'm familiar with thatas I said, I'm not that far into Naruto, so my perception of this may be incomplete or flawed). Mind you, I don't say this as a negative, the quality of the writing easily carries the story nonethless; it is just something I find noticeable. Anyway, always a pleasure to read something from you.
1/4/2017 c14 OnyxIdol
Oh, and another one. I really like how you weave real science into this.
1/4/2017 c13 OnyxIdol
I'm a grown man, but I admit this made sqee internally, and plastered a huge smile on my face. Since I started this story, I've also begun (again) to read Naruto - some endeavor that's going to be :/
I don't know if their romance scene is realistic, but it at least feels plausible to me.
Same goes for your action scenes. I'm *a little* more familiar with military stuff than I'm with romance, and there at least wasn't anything that totally rubbed me the wrong way. One thing that I find interesting is that the squad is capable of war operations and things like the hostage situation. Those seem to require somewhat different skill sets, but perhaps that's why they are the special forces.
I only review now because I'm not all that much into action scenes, but this is a story by RedrumSprinkles-Senpai, so... Anyway, your work is very much appreciated.
11/16/2016 c32 lilyxchaotic
Oh my god! This story is brilliant work of fiction. Im a huge sci fi fan and this gave me life. It tugged at all my emotions. I literally cried during the funeral scene and Sasuke's death. I really the original story gets published. This is by far one of my favorites universes. I hope someday soon there is a sequel. I would love to know more about life in this universe.

You are an amazing writer sucked me right in on the first sentence. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more of your fictions.
5/16/2016 c1 6Oohprettystars
Frick this story is so cool to read and I LOVE how you made Sakura a 2 meter brute! XD I can't wait to read more! The writing is really awesome and I love how the world you describe just comes to life! It's so rad to imagine and play whats happening in my head, like i'm watching a sci-fi movie :) Was there something that inspired this fic? Music, a movie, or a game?
10/8/2015 c27 Kamadre2hot
Damn now Sasuke gone as well? Who does Sakura end up with now?
10/5/2015 c17 Kamadre2hot
Damn bro. U killed off Kiba first? Rather seen Neji go but it's cool.
9/15/2015 c16 Guest
"So take me out to the black / tell my ma I ain't coming back" Seems we have located a Firefly fan. Nice. I have to say, it feels good to finally recognize a reference. Well, this and the god-emperor bit.

Great story and excellent writing.
7/14/2015 c32 DarkRank550
The feels are real. I really loved the story.
4/6/2015 c32 LGC - xCondorz
You, Madame, are a master word-smith. The number of times your words gave me chills baffles me. I enjoyed this story immensely.
Gold Star Sticker ;)
3/5/2015 c32 17Starry o.0
Oh god. You really should change that romance to anguish! Anywho.
It's good. Very good. Great!
You mentioned it was an original novel, so maybe this is unhelpful in the sense that you do these things in the actual novel... but I feel like you could have gone more in depth explaining the roles of everyone, the enhancements you designed for each, their back-stories, how they grew up together in training, etc. Definitely could've given more love to those outside team 7.
Like I said, this might just be an issue stemmed from turning it to fanfiction and something you cover in the novel.
Now, of course, I realize this IS Naruto, and Team 7 is going to be the focus. But if you put in the summary "the 'Konoha 12', the squad I grew up with," then you should give more love to the entire squad you are implying focus on. The chapters are rather short (admittedly, I'm a fast reader) and while you did an AMAZING job of explaining the war actions thoroughly, you leave the majority of your characters flat when you had so much opportunity to grow so many round and well-developed characters- especially considering you set aside half the chapters for lore. You could have put in chapters on each member of the squad, really building them up as a family. Really hit the readers in the fuckin feels when shit goes down, ya know?
If you intend for Team 7 to be the focus, then don't center the story around a 12-man squad.
And the romance. This is a wonderful, wooooooooonderful action story. Your romance plotting, however, needs work, lol. You mentioned the original doesn't deal with it. But perhaps in other fanfic "romance" labeled stories, build it more. Definitely, definitely build it more. Don't just plop it in the story, "She kissed me and I realized" or "I've spent 12 years of my life with her but just noticed I look at her a lot." I realize this is more of a war fic and not a romance chick fic so I'm just being picky at this point. But with the little development it had, I almost would've rather not read any romance in this and just read through the great action you can write. It was almost like cringing through all the forced mushy parts, hoping it would be over soon. It was obvious (to me, I'm picky...) that it was thrown in there just for the sake of being there; it really messed with the great flow of the story you had going otherwise.
I can't believe you let Sasuke die, by the way. Sigh. That's just the diehard sasusaku in me, though. I'm hoping you choose to delve more into this and write more on the Warborn universe! I know this review sounds nitpicky, but you mentioned you wanted feedback. I normally don't review at all, but I TRULY enjoyed reading this, despite what this review might make it sound like :) I read it in one two hour sitting, in fact! You are a wonderful writer, and the strength of this plot is excellent. Good luck on your publication :)
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