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9/10 c2 1Srta.NR
Anww..esssa primeira história foi tão linda, apesar das circunstâncias em que estavam. Ei, volte a escrever.
5/6/2005 c2 ParsifalinHeels
whoa, that was so interesting! Hope you update soon! :)
5/4/2004 c2 Cyrus- Lord of Darkness
Cool story!
11/12/2003 c1 Fernanda
Just to say that a member of the British nobility would not have been a Corporal during WW1.The upper classes were officers, starting out at Lieutenant and upwards. John Roxton was actually a Major.
8/22/2003 c2 25Angel LeeAnn
I love your story, but I'm a bit confused. Since Marguerite saw his face and knew his name, does that mean she was aware of who Roxton was? Why didn't she say anything earlier? Did she want Roxton to come on the expedition because she remembered him? Or had she forgoten; and their conversation of saving lives brought it all back for her? I hope you can clear up my bafflement because this really is a great story.
5/11/2003 c2 138A. Windsor
ah more! soon! dude this was so awesome! i love how it all ties together!
3/15/2003 c2 7Aurinko
Enjoying your story, please post the next chapter soon. I've only one question: what did everyone get on Christmas day? I think my favourite holiday deserves some attention, but Marguerite's many secrets are always fun to read about (and her friends' reactions).
1/18/2003 c2 Joanna
Hey Megs! Chapter 2 was great! Can't wait for you to post Chapter 3! P.S. thanks for writing me a message ! P.P.S. thanks for letting me be your editor on the next story.See ya soon!
1/9/2003 c2 Alanna
ooohhh! sharing secrets? can't wait to see what else Marguerite has up her sleeves, and what will the others say! can't wait for ch. 3! great job!

12/10/2002 c1 Marco Bernardi
Hey Megan,this is Marco, I love this. I love the suspense that you put in this story. My favorite part has to be when the black widow asked Corporal to get the pocket knife down her shirt. That part really got me. Anyway Megan, I can't wait for your next story, really exciting stuff Megan, I love this. See yah!
12/9/2002 c1 Eva
Wow! I don't usually read unfinished stories, but as long as they are self-contained as this one was, I really enjoy myself. By the time they kissed in the prison, I realized it the corporal was Roxton. How delicious that she saved his life...and that he got to savor the delight of reaching down her camisole even before he met her officially. His subconscious must have kept that memory intact all those years. Do you suppose that's why he's so attracted to her now? Very witty...and sexy.
11/27/2002 c1 19Beckers

I like it! Some lovely images there for me to sleep by tonight.
11/26/2002 c1 Joanna
Meg, that was an awesome story! I just loved it! My favorite part was when Roxton finally realized Marguerite was the one who had saved his life in the beginning...Roxton was a litle slow to figure that one out wasn't he?

P.S. Your not allowed to write any mean messages to me in your story cause I reviewed it.

I wouldn't mind you writing a nice message to me though! lol! sse ya !
11/23/2002 c1 Margie
Ah, this was so sweet! Would like to read more stories like this one from you.
11/22/2002 c1 Guest
Hi,Miss Megan Jane! It's Susan (your editor) reviewing again. I love your story; so cute and funny too! Sorry about the pole mistake-don't worry about it (you know it's just me). I hope you keep writing the series because I love how Margerite saves Roxton and I can't wait to know what happen next!
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