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1/29 c14 9Eclipse130
I like Nia, and honestly i was surprised you kept her to her religion. I don't see that at all in any fics i have read concerning characters in Thedas, which i understand not everyone is comfortable with religion. Am Catholic, it's a large part of me, so i like how you kept it. Thank you.
5/21/2019 c6 Ms. Sleepy Clover
Their is a difference between killing someone in self-defense, and killing someone in cold-blooded murder...
5/21/2019 c5 Ms. Sleepy Clover
Ok that statement I made couple chapters ago, may not have to happen.
5/21/2019 c3 Ms. Sleepy Clover
Interesting, you made a snobby Cousland character.
5/21/2019 c2 Ms. Sleepy Clover
Ok im not gonna lie, im gonna be honest. By the time Duncan comes to Highever, just before Howes betrayal, if Nia doesnt know how to fight with a weapon, I will kill someone. Those types of stories where the person doesnt even know how to fight are utterly annoying.
9/7/2016 c61 txchimama
Awesome! Awesome! Story! Definitely a favorite! Am looking forward to reading it through again!
2/24/2016 c1 blazaboi
mistake number one recording that you've just basically been self inserted somehow someones either gonna find it or you're gonna do something stupid like leave out an interesting book parchment and someones gonna read it
1/30/2016 c2 Syutaku
I will say the demeanor of Nia in this origin story is a lot more brazen and very with it. It's much longer and slightly slower than days of our start but nonetheless still interesting and a good read!
1/23/2016 c1 Syutaku
This is definitely different from the rewrite in Days of our Start. I say I prefer the other way due to how simplistic yet descriptive it is. The story seems to be more intriguing but this story has its pluses as well! I like that there is a difference first off kind of like when you choose your story arc in Origins! I overall like both stories very much!
1/15/2016 c1 Suna Chunin
Could you put the original back up and then just mark this as a rewrite? I was about half way through the and I don't like cliff hangers. I really loved how this story was progressing and even if there were plot holes, I still liked the style. So could you please for a fan, repost the original? I know that you want to fix what ever plot wholes there were but please, if there is one thing fanfiction readers hates is when a good story is taken down or not completed.
1/14/2016 c2 2Chimera Spyke
The world turns, another may have been. I'm interested to see where this swing of the pendulum leads.
1/14/2016 c2 Dforce76
Good start. Is Nia having trouble reading the recipes?
1/14/2016 c1 Dforce76
I'm excited to see where this story goes. I hope you don't give up your other story, though. Thanks for taking the time to write. I really enjoy it. I hope Nia tries to save some other origins as well.
1/14/2016 c2 Syutaku
I love how emotions are in my opinion very well conveyed and that bit with the explanation of the bakery was delightful! Definitely another fine chapter with a very nice story structure.
1/14/2016 c2 Doombug
Aw I'm so disappointed that you are writing this, even if it turns out to be vastly better (since your writing has gotten better) than the original I just don't think I can read it again especially since I've been looking forward to when you hit inquisition. Not to mention we already know most of what is going to happen or are you planning to rewrite the other two stories in the Days of our lives series so they fit in with this one?
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