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for Ellie's Tale

3/29 c3 Tdog Smith
I really like this story I hope you make more chapters of it.
2/9 c3 shirkahn
Awesome story! Looking forward to chapter 4!
12/22/2019 c3 5grapejuice101
so far I am REALLY liking this story. I need more chaps asap plz
5/12/2019 c2 Guest
Wowow. It was a huge surprise to get a notification for this story in my inbox, but I am in no way upset by it. I didn’t know if you would continue this story or not, but I’m glad you did. This was a reaally good chapter. Your writing is really good and the concept of the story is super cool. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!
5/10/2019 c2 The Crimson Thief
great chapter, please update soon.
11/22/2018 c1 The Crimson Thief
Wow, how did I miss this rewrite, fantastic start, hope you continue this one for a long time, keep it up. Looking forward to the next chapter
11/20/2018 c1 Guest
Omg loved it!
7/22/2015 c11 The Crimson Thief
This is a very cool story, I'm a huge necromancer fan, and seeing one as awesome as Ellie is great. Though I suspect something about Ellie, I might be mistaken, I hope this story is still going on, and look forward to future chapters.
4/9/2015 c11 1catluvvergal010
I really like the story idea, Ellie's personality, and the way you blend the canon storyline so smoothly with your own. :) Just a few suggestions:
There are a few grammar and usage errors. For example, it's "anthropomorphic", not "anthromorphic", and "Moolinda Wu" instead of "Moolinda Moo". Also, when you have dialogue, unless the dialogue in an exclamation point, question mark, or ellipsis (...), you use a comma, not a period. For example:
"Too close." Ellie breathed. -wrong
"Too close," Ellie breathed. -correct
Still, it's really good. Just some ideas to help polish it a little. Looking forward to more!
1/27/2015 c9 14Sparky Ace
love it!...plz update soon
12/7/2014 c8 Fan
Love it get to krok soon though
12/5/2014 c7 6Flaming Eagle
Oh my gosh, this is SO GOOD! I read chapters 6&7 with my friend at lunch, and she loved it too! Keep writing! LOVED THE CHAPTER! :D
10/26/2014 c5 Flaming Eagle
Oh my gosh...This story is amazing! You have to write more! PLEASE!? You are doing a wonderful job at writing! Looking forward to chapter 6!( Which I presume is the Crab Underwater place?) :D

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