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10/22/2014 c1 2afterados
Oh, just noticed this, sorry for not reviewing it earlier! Now, FYI, I'm not well-versed in smut... but let's see what I can do review-wise anyways.


Tracy's an interesting person to add... but again, I've gotta question why she's here. I don't think there's even a mention of her in the main story, and all she does here is show that Dylan's a pimp. I guess it's not /bad/ to put her in, per se, but since your story is already filled to the brim with characters that /are/ actually story-important, I'd say we can leave some of the less important ones nameless.

Hahaha oh gosh, these guys are such dorks. That's not a complaint, I think it's cute that these two both say things like "trouser snake" and "third leg" "Golden Giant" and other dorky stuff, it just shows how in sync they are.

Oh, so they were in Vermont together? Well, there you go!

Aw, the scene at the end was really nice. And that last line? /Perfect!/

Overall, really great job! None of the dialogue felt forced, all the details (sex and otherwise) were well written and descriptive, and again, massive props for letting those two do couple-thing in addition to sex.

Keep up the great work!
10/14/2014 c1 10JustCharles
I thought this was quite romantic, given this pairing. Kudos.

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