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for The Raven 02: Coming Home

4/20/2019 c5 Captain Jeff 69
I just got too chapter 5 and was reading about how Kodachi wants revenge for Ranma death and how she believes the red haired harlot ran away with Ryoga? But I thought the whole premise of your story was that Ranma died in his cursed form giving him a female spirit so why would she think Ranma was dead instead of the red haired girl?
1/19/2018 c26 2Captain Kurt Hoffman
Hi there!

I rather enjoyed binge-reading chapter XVII on, and my apologies for falling away for such a long time.

The Captain
1/16/2018 c26 8The Keeper of Worlds
Love it!
11/6/2017 c26 Baco Taco
Great chapter, Vary fitting end to an amazing story! Sorry that my comment's so short.
11/5/2017 c26 Guest
Hmm. That ending is okay, but kind of underwhelming. A lot of “tell” without much “show,” and most of what “show” did make it in was simply ecchi stuff.

Still, it was a good series overall even if it didn’t always come together quite as well as it could have. Kudos for sticking with it for so long. Good luck with your future stories.
11/5/2017 c26 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
11/5/2017 c26 Lina esrevnI
I liked the earlier stories better but it was still a fun ride thanks for writing it
11/5/2017 c26 2nashmeira
Thanks so much for the story(s) this was a great ride and I'm very happy to see Raven and Rai be happy. I think leaving it like you did was a great ending. A sequel isn't really needed. Maybe a holiday special like a Christmas one could be cute but again as you said not needed.
I could go on for a while about the great cheracters and there portrail as well as the story it's self. It did all worlds/universe's great justice.
Thank you again. I know I'll go back and read everything from beginning to end eventually. I look forward to more of your works.
10/24/2017 c25 9Dragon Man 180
Can Raven call Rei via phone, magic, or something so they can at least talk to one another while apart? I can't wait to see how things go with the Senshi, especially as they comfort Hotaru and what happens with her.
10/23/2017 c25 Moose Breath
This should be a PM, but they trimmed my account a few years aqo and I haven't made a new one as I only do this a couple of times per year. Delete as you will.

In the description of Raven's eyes, dialated and pinpoint are antonyms. The phrase should either be "dialated, almost blown," or "constricted, almost pinpoint,". That is, unless one is dialated and the other almost pinpoint.

Great story, as usual. I've even really enjoyed the less popular ones, except for the "Chained World" series. I have real personal problems with a lot of the action.


ps. Why did the chicken cross the road?

To prove to the armidillo that it COULD be done! mb
10/15/2017 c24 Dragon Man 180
I'm just a little miffed we didn't get to see Raven and Starfire fighting in Hell.

Still, the Justice League bits and Senshi plans were good, though will it be Hotaru or Psykhe from now on?
10/14/2017 c24 2Mugen-Muse
Surprise Pluto! You're not alone in the immortality club.
10/14/2017 c24 2nashmeira
As always a pleasure reading this story. I look forward to the next chapter as well.
10/14/2017 c24 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
10/7/2017 c23 8The Keeper of Worlds
Epic! Though why was Robin all worried for Jinx like that?
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