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for Bereaved of Light: Unseen Moments

10/10/2017 c7 7Sailor Phantom of Middle Earth
These stories really gave them all so much more depth. I even started to like Philippe more, haha.
10/28/2015 c4 16Child of Dreams
(eyes narrow dangerously)
De Chagny...
10/28/2015 c3 Child of Dreams
10/28/2015 c2 Child of Dreams
Gotta love the Phantom's pranks...
10/28/2015 c1 Child of Dreams
Oh, my poor Erik...
9/27/2015 c6 LaLadyCavalier
Brown? Hmm. Never thought his eyes were brown... To my mind, they're the color of the sea, the sky and the sea before a storm... That's my poetic plagiarism; don't you use it. ;)
I was enthralled by their conversation and delighted by his shyness.
Ha, she echoed him! "That is something I would never want to do."
"I am very accustomed to walking home alone in the dark." That's so amusing yet saddening at the same time...
"What lay behind that mask?" Well that's certainly foreboding...
(LOL, it seems like quotes and dot-dot-dots are my favorite things for writing with today.)
9/27/2015 c5 LaLadyCavalier
I generally dislike Christine much (call it bias or good cause), but you make it hard not to. You gave such a rich and endearing account of her as a young girl (man, I just love your version of her father!) and you made it rather difficult to resist feeling for her as she recognized and owned up to her flaws.
That foreshadowing to the end...that was extremely well done, I must say.
9/26/2015 c4 LaLadyCavalier
Hee hee, I love younger Erik's idea too.
"The blacksmith's son," was that in the original? I don't remember. Well, whether its a reference or something you came up with, I love it.
Mmm, Gerard's and Erik's timbres ARE alike in a way, aren't they? I'm gonna listen for that from now on when I watch the miniseries (or rather, my favorite bits of it as Youtube provides ).
I love the way you describe Gerard (perfected bow, jovial and slightly unctuous face, the weak chuckle after lame jokes). I think I look forward to that kind of thing the most when reading your stuff, the way you expound upon the characters with little details that are so inventive yet true to the original portrayals. It provides a nuance that we can identify with personally (thus making the characters more lifelike as real, relatable people) and yet fully accept as belonging to the figures of the fantastical tale we know so well. ...What I'm saying is the little traits and mannerisms you provide help enforce both the realistic and the legendary aspects of the two men; the qualities are trivial and ordinary enough to be any person's or even our own and yet easily recognizable as uniquely Erik's or Gerard's. . ...(Sorry, that was DEFINITELY way too elaborate. :P)
That goes for Philippe too, with his boredom and his bowtie; "already aware of his place in the world," I liked that. I also liked Erik's instant distaste for him and the possible reasons provided (very good).
9/26/2015 c3 LaLadyCavalier
I love the glimpse of Erik's education (both the method and the attitudes of teacher and student-fun to read and creative as well as totally tenable) and I think you illustrated the characters of our characters quite well in it; I also think the way you used it as a segue into the main sentiment of the story was brilliantly done. I envy authors who can just come up with artfully clever catalysts like that.
What a cool exploration of young, budding Erik and the questions he poses along with the nature of his and Gerard's relationship at the time; so many fascinating aspects of every detail! Their dialogue was impeccably genuine, and the range of emotions that ran through it was surprisingly stirring (or maybe my emotions are just overly invested in these guys, LOL). My heart ached for Erik while he was renouncing the world and wondered very much what he have been feeling during that, and I felt bad for Gerard as the same time, trying to do his best, caring for the boy and his situation while also afraid of caring too much and of being stuck there too. Poor Erik! Gerard telling him how he was going to leave just gripped my heart, and I felt so bad for them both. And Erik's apologetic manner was so touching! And then at the END-oh my goodness, soul tears! You wrote it SO well, simple yet so poignant-the almost-hug, the farewell, Gerard's ascent and the way it left Erik behind-what a tear-jerking tone of departure and understated despair! Gerard disappears, going free bot not free, and Erik just sits down, left with nothing "but the darkness and the deathly silence," AAAGH! ToT
My word, you certainly did a number on my happiness-level. I'm just amazed by the affect of this simple, not-very-long chapter. Beautiful but desolate, inescapable sadness... It's that parallel between the feeling of this piece and the actual original tale and the perfect way they reflect one another that makes this so profoundly impressive and not just a much-ado-about-nothing fic.
9/26/2015 c2 LaLadyCavalier
Hi! I'm rereading your story (it's been way too long since I've been on Fanfic!), and I just had to comment on this chapter again; it's so, SO AWESOME! All the little details and the characters add are complex but not complicated and don't bulk down the tale but instead enrich it! You create such a wonderful juxtaposition of the mundane and the eerie, the relatable and fantastic. It's the Everyday behind the Legendary. The people are believable and the characters of Gerard and Erik authentic, and the way they all interact with each other is equally genuine. What a wonderful blending!

P.S. It wouldn't let me post a comment while logged in bcz I've reviewed this chapter before; hope you don't find the comment superfluous like Fanfiction apparently does. ;)
9/11/2015 c7 7judybear236
Good chapter. Good background story! Nice tie-ins to the main story.
9/11/2015 c7 63Erik'sTrueAngel
Even though it was Philippe, it was still a good chapter. And it's so ironic that he thinks that Gerard would have made a good father when we know for a fact that he is. Update soon please!
8/9/2015 c6 Erik'sTrueAngel
*SQUEALS* l loved this! I know Philippe was brought up (a little too much for my liking but Christine wishes to know about her former friend so I can't fault her) but I love the fluff anyways! And for Christine to care about him as he walked home in the dark... Awww! Plus, can we talk about Son Erik getting all grizzly bear about Gerard being insulted by Carlotta?! This made my day! Update soon please!
2/2/2015 c5 Erik'sTrueAngel
This was brilliant! I love seeing Christine's POV and what her childhood was like. Despite the hardships and challenges, I'm glad she had someone like Philippe who treated her kindly. I know what you must be thinking... I can't be saying something good about him. As much as I'm surprised by my comment, I know she was desperate for a friend. And that little boy was exactly what she needed at that time. It's sad that the same little boy grew up to be a womanizer flop. But I can see why she kept gravitating towards him and seeing him as a safe anchor amidst the madness. She saw the little boy from her memories, not the man. And that, sadly, was part of her downfall too. If she saw Philippe for what he was in the present, then maybe she wouldn't have shared so much. I hope you consider doing another chapter from her POV again!
2/1/2015 c5 7judybear236
Interesting back story and POV.

Well paced.

Good chapter!
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