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for Trust and Flower Petals

8/5/2018 c2 fanfictionqueen
when are they going in to find out, is drift going to be all protective plz update soon
8/3/2018 c2 fanfictionqueen
plz update this is great
5/21/2018 c2 Guest
More please poor cross XXX
3/30/2018 c2 Guest
Brilliant poor cross !
More please XXX
12/12/2014 c2 10Firewolves16
I see Deadlock coming in too. He'll rip Cross a new one. Then regret it.
10/23/2014 c2 Paris
Oh Crosshairs, you'll have to tell someone what happened to you, don't keep it a secret, Drift is already suspicious! Good job, can't wait for the next update!
10/23/2014 c2 7Batman91939
Another great chapter! I love the slow build, not the others finding out immediately after or Crosshairs outrightly telling them right away. Great job! Can't wait to read the next update. :)
10/23/2014 c1 Tanisa Bumblebrasil
Please continue soon
10/19/2014 c1 Batman91939
As much as I hate seeing Crosshairs in that sort of torment and pain, I love healing fics. Plus if this turns into a CrossDrift fanfic that'd be super cute. Keep up the good work! It was a great start!
10/11/2014 c1 Paris
Poor Crosshairs, please update soon I want to know if Crosshairs will except Drift helping him with his rape recovery. Great job!
10/10/2014 c1 2UnversedDrunk13
No! Poor Crosshairs...please update soon, I wanna see him get better with Drift's help

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