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for And Then There Were Two

10/11/2014 c1 9Untaken
Tom is an often looked-over character in the series, and Ava even more so, even though they both play really important roles. They don't get a lot of the recognition they deserve, which is unfortunate, but at the same time this fic turns everything around for them, which is great!

You show Tom with another side to him, alongside his usual penny-pinching-esque self, one of compassion and care. I think it's interesting and really works well in the piece as a whole. The way he interacts with Ava and Lief show how he really thinks and feels. You also stay true to their character and original speech pattern with their habitual third-person identity complex.

I also like how you especially highlight the significance of their (or at least Laughing Jack's), last name, since they are literally the only characters that have one.

All-in-all a great job with this! :)

10/11/2014 c1 9PJ Blindclown
Not a bad story. I've often wondered about the three kids from the plains. Was their last name actually Gant? Or did laughing Jack just use that. I also wondered how Ava went blind, was she born blind? Or did she go blind in childhood because of disease? The latter would be very possible, due to the way Deltora was around the time they were born.
I really loved that you pointed out that despite everything, Tom and Ava still did love Jack, and his death did cause them grief, however bad he was.

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