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8/12/2017 c10 Guest
Very creepy end! !
Sad to see penny's jaw still wired shut!
Their weird experience could bond them together.
8/10/2017 c10 4Warriorcreed
I was surprised how suddenly this story ended, I was really hoping there would be more interaction between Penny and Leonard. Sarah sure gave up on Leonard quickly, she really didn't give him much of a chance to prove he loved her, I guess he just wasn't enough to waste her time on. It was a very different story nevertheless, I enjoyed it.
8/9/2017 c10 28123justafan
Kind of a quick turn around for Sarah. Clocking Penny and getting Leonard then leaving Leonard and giving Penny Hell for still loving Leonard and letting him go. If Sarah is truly the angel on Leonard's shoulder, it shouldn't be too long before he let's Penny back in his heart and asks her out again. That was a real quick end to a story that had quite a few possibilities.
8/9/2017 c10 26SRAM
Sarah really turned things around quickly, leaving Leonard then showing up at Penny's to set her straight on her feelings. It is sort of like she knew she would never have him so decided to do the right thing, getting Penny off her ass to follow her feelings and go back after Leonard. Leonard and Penny are really going to have stories to tell each other about Sarah and Lisa when they get back together, strange stories like something from the Twilight Zone.
8/9/2017 c10 bfm
Well, I'm glad Sarah came to her senses and cured Penny. Sarah was very good for Leonard if you forgive her mocking Penny...He deserved someome who cares about him and treats him well but, well...he loves Penny, faults and all :)
7/28/2017 c9 4Warriorcreed
I guess I'm such a Leonard fan that I want this to turn out to be a fight between Sarah and Penny over Leonard, each one of them doing more and more to win his favor while trying to derail the others plans. Also could you have Sarah's mother remove Sarah's strength powers too, after she hears what she did to the weak mortal, so the next time Sarah and Penny fight they could have a fair fight.
7/25/2017 c9 28123justafan
Things could get interesting if Penny truly knows Sarah and Lisa are the same person. It seems Leonard will be relief on for more than just a little. If he starts helping Penny more and more, they will get closer and closer, and the snarky remarks made to Penny will not help Sarah one bit.
7/25/2017 c9 26SRAM
Wow, Penny sure got hit hard, I guess it is not good to mess with mythical gods. I was sort of feeling sorry for Sarah when she confessed she loved Leonard but her hurting Penny like that then gloating about it in this chapter shows a very ugly side of her. I'm sort of hoping now Leonard will take care of Penny and maybe that will bring them close together again, of course I've always been a sucker for stories when Penny gets hurt and Leonard takes care of her. But now also I wonder since Penny thinks both Sarah and Lisa are the same person, will she try to prove that just to get even and not care if it hurts Leonard or not?
7/24/2017 c9 bfm
OUCH! Poor Penny! Sarah was defending herself but Penny didn't deserve such a terrible blow! And Sarah is acting very cruel, she is clearly loosing points in Leonard's view...What happened to the Sarah who fixed Penny's car? She didn't seem so mean then... And now Penny gets it but will someone believe her? Also, I really like your Shamy, early days Shamy being weird and funny. Waiting for your next update!
7/24/2017 c9 Mama's Stories
Broke her jaw?! That was some punch!
Will the girls find out the truth?
Hope Leonard doesn't become some Pawn in a very twisted game.
7/10/2017 c8 Mama's Stories
Why would she go over and kiss Leonard?
Isn't penny going to get fired punching customers out?
7/6/2017 c8 28123justafan
That was interesting. If Bernadette is anywhere in the vicinity, Sarah is in trouble. Leonard will certainly go to Penny's side. The question is... Who did Penny hear just before she was hit and went down.
7/6/2017 c8 bfm
I don't know how Leonard would take it* (correction to my comment)
7/5/2017 c8 26SRAM
It is one thing to take away Sarah's look, but then to not allow her to explain to Leonard she was the same girl inside with just a different candy coating, is a little cruel by her mother. She doesn't seem to know how to get close to Leonard without her powers either, that last part with her hitting Penny the absolutely the wrong thing to do to win Leonard's favor. If anything Sarah probably pushed Leonard closer to Penny, I can't imagine Leonard not rushing to a hurt Penny.
7/5/2017 c8 bfm
I just love your story, it is so unexpectable and very funny, and I think it is hard to make a story thay funny so kudos to you!
So Sarah's plans backfired hard... She sholdn't have expected him to go out with her just a second after supposedly being cruelly dumped by "Lisa". She should have been more subtle, tell him that and comfort him and then later "accidently" meet him again. I would also like to see her winning him (if she is to win him and not Penny, because now maybe both her and Leonard see that she wants him back) playing fair, no planting words in others mouths. That fight...I don't no how Leonard would take it. She hurt Penny real bad, but it was kind of self defense...
A few corrections though: They work at Caltech, not UCLA; Leonard was the one who wanted to break up with Stephanie; Leonard dated Priya after his date with Joy but I'll let that one slip as AU...
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