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for High School DxD: The Dragon Slayer

2/13 c2 Dude
Really? Milttet? The girl with the smallest breasts in the whoooole anime?! She is weak as hell compared to Serafall and Kuroka too. There's politics to a harem you know, that's why they usually fail, someone not working out the logistics.
12/30/2020 c1 Bluenait
Fucking Pussy should kill them drop
1/2/2020 c16 Guest
When Next Chapter Soon ?
11/14/2019 c16 DxdOfDreams
Such a great read! Thoroughly enjoyed the story so far. Hope to see more updates for this in the near future!
9/3/2019 c16 Lunathicc
10/6/2017 c16 5Clearwing Yuta
Dont let this fiction die
9/30/2017 c2 Guest
Esa razón "única" para no darle alguna de las chicas de "issei" a su harem es estúpida :v y no lo digo yo, lo dice la razón.
De todas formas, en verdad la mayoría de las chicas fuera del "harem" canónico de issei son prácticamente personajes terciarios que se acaban olvidado o no les presta ningún tipo de atención en base a trama. Básicamente, personajes inservibles.
Y estoy seguro que si alguien entra en un fanfic es para ver algo diferente al canon, cabezón estúpido :v.
A que me refiero? Que los fans, ya sean de rías, akeno... Etc que querían ver un romance más complejo con otro protagonista con una personalidad decente, no un idiota que cómo una única meta en la vida es ser el rey del harem, con una cantidad de chicas absurda y que sólo piensa en oppais. (Resumiendo, la mayoría se acabarán dejando de lado). Y en pocas palabras, la mayoría de la gente saldrá de esto (me incluyo) porque básicamente metes un personaje nuevo supuestamente protagonista y en el "romance" se queda con los desechos dejados por issei. Se que suena mal, pero es la pura verdad.
Además, al parecer te pasas por el forro los principales arcos de dxd en el inicio jodiendo aun más las ganas de leer esto.

En resumidas cuentas, como muchos otros estoy fuera.
8/27/2017 c16 5AshuriIncarnate
Honestly, one of the best dxd fanfics I've seen in a long time. Though i did spot a fair amount of spelling errors in (more or less) every chapter; I still found it great to read.
Keep up the good work

1/5/2017 c16 Guest
Hoping that you update this story soon, a really great one to read! Good work!
5/24/2016 c16 ARSLOTHES
Really interesting chapter, looking forward to the next one and hope that Hestia is part of the harem
5/11/2016 c9 xNaruHina
You forgot Sairaorgs relationship with Terra at the end, I am sure they respect each other yes?
5/11/2016 c8 xNaruHina
Shiroe should have just casted Haste instead of Overrunner right? Haste does the same thing, and for longer it seemed.
5/10/2016 c3 xNaruHina
Hmm will Leone be in the Harem? :3
2/10/2016 c16 7
Part 1
2/10/2016 c16 ShadowUzumaki55
Now it Greek Mythology. This ought to be interesting.

Trying to take things slowly and then getting caught up in another mess. They sure have it rough. Then, again I doubt that they would be at all satisfied if they weren't.

And, that must have been some dream that Terra had to make him feel like he had abandoned his ideals. Wonder what happened.

And, now Terra's new team mate is coming up soon. I can tell,but I wonder what everyone is going to think about Hestia now.

A great chapter. Can't wait for the next one. Though, take your time.
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