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for The Lone Traveler: Nemesis

2/13 c1 GreedElff
9/29/2023 c1 AuntCori
Um, wow! That was certainly not what I'd expected.
8/18/2023 c1 So good
I love how twisty the plot is!
5/18/2023 c1 EsmeraldaDryden
Whoa. Amazing
1/27/2023 c1 Pegueng
Oh wow... That was rather dark. But yet interestingly new, to me at least. I felt it became a little fuddly there at the end with multiverse and soul incarnations and whatnot, but hey, to each his own.
7/7/2022 c1 Cool Guest

Good concept and execution. The mechanics of the magic here behaved a bit unorthodox at places, but that made the story go faster so I believe it was for the best.

Examples: Gary could Accio the invisibility cloak, Gary could Apperate out of the Ministry with no mention about apparition wards, Nemesis Animagus form is a magical creature, and the Patronus charm works more like a telephone than a voice messager.
7/8/2021 c1 MouseTheGrey
Ohhhh, this was beastly, vicious and hardcore. Ohhh I did enjoy this one.
5/2/2021 c1 Guest
Man, this is some wankfest SI writing.
2/1/2021 c1 hisnhers
... *utter silence* ...

1/22/2021 c1 Jewel Becky
Since this was written before the one where the Lone Traveller becomes the God of Free Will, it makes an interesting twist and concept about the idea of Lone Travellers and a Dark counterpart.
10/22/2020 c1 Ykomat
I wonder if a nemesis might appear in Prince of Slytherin maybe towards the end when whoever beats Voldemort
7/10/2020 c1 N J Dryad
WOW! This is absolutely wonderful! It's completely original, utterly bizarre, fiendishly depraved, and laugh-out-loud funny, all at the same time. What a delightfully twisted imagination you have! I've read hundreds of HP fanfics, and I've never read anything close to how outrageously weird and creative this is.

I don't know what I like the best: the description of Homicidal Maniac Harry's costume, his sadistic sense of humor, his amazing brilliance at foiling everybody else's plans, or the way he tells everybody what's going on-AFTER it's too late for them to do anything to stop him.

If Harry went to Hell, this is what it would be like: an eternity of doing everything he could to help and save everybody, only to have victory snatched from him at the last second-and by himself!

Hmmm. Maybe these AREN'T all different universes. Maybe it's just one universe: Hell. And Harry's caught in an eternal time loop like Sisyphus, doing the same thing over and over but never succeeding. But just to make things even more torturous, each iteration is changed slightly so he THINKS he's still alive and jumping from universe to universe. Then he'll continue to hope, which means he'll continue to struggle, and even though he can never succeed, he doesn't know that, so he keeps hoping and struggling, for eternity!

If that were the case, Evil Harry could be Satan disguised as Harry, just to play with Harry's head by making him think he's fighting different versions of himself.
6/27/2020 c1 gginsc
Is Harry really gullible enough to believe something his enemy told him? I hope he snaps out of it and realizes that something is up. Great story. Made me want to strangle Fate!
6/23/2020 c1 SemmelmitKse
Oh my... I am reading POS and I am hoping for a happy ending. Now I fear it is no sure thing at all.
Nevertheless: great story. Chapeau.
6/20/2020 c1 Syrius
Wow, just wow. Twist after twist. I loved the ending!
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